Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prussian Landwehr Cavalry, Rogue Trader, Ammo Boxes, and More


First completed project for the day are some Foundry Prussian Landwehr Cavalry.  I didn't put the little fanions on because I didn't feel like it.  I don't know what region they're from yet, so I don't know what color to paint them.
Flee!!! It's a giant Confucius!

Next up are some old Rogue Trader era GW models.  Starting on the left is a Chainsaw Warrior model, an "Adventurer" female model labeled "Mad Punk" (she has a Vox), an Imperial Garrison Trooper named Kylla Condotti, and an Imperial Light Trooper named No-Face Fargo.  Chainsaw Warrior was a 1987 GW game where the players traveled around post apocalyptic New York killing zombies and mutants.

They're all standing in front of munitions crates I painted; no idea of manufacturer.   They'd make decent objectives for a sci-fi game

Next is mash up of some spikey plastic mage knight monster thing and a GW two faced mutant head.  On the right is a repainted heroclix Penguin model with some GW guns added.

Three Old Glory War of Religion handgunners.

Lastly are two GW fantasy dark elves attacking an old Grenadier human.  The elves are very stupid models; the weapons being so big that it's ridiculous.

I hope to have a unit of Austrian Grenz up next week as well as some random miniatures.



  1. My My someones been busy! Nice work. Great job on the Classic citadel figs.

  2. Love the cavalry, superb brushwork.

  3. Looking good al around! I have to say, the Foundry Prussian Landwehr cavalry is the only Foundry Prussians I really like. But I hate to say it... judging by the colour of the collars and cuffs, you already picked East Prussia! ;-)