Saturday, November 16, 2013

Roman Archers, Empire Swordsmen, and some 40K Stuff

Most Treasured Reader,

Having finished painting a number of models to the looks good from far away standard, I thought I'd post some pictures for your mediocre miniature viewing pleasure.

First up are some old 25mm Ral Partha Romans.  I painted their man dresses two shades to give them some variety.  Ral Partha and RAFM weren't known for their wide variety of poses.  You can probably still buy these models from Iron Wind Metals.

Next are five GW empire swordsmen.  They're older metal out of production models from the late 80's or early 90's.  They have Fireforge brand shields, because I don't like the old GW shields.

Here's a few more models.  On the left is what I seem to remember as a gollem.  It's from the D&D Chainmail game when the metals were still metal and not pre-painted plastic garbage.  Next is a out of production metal 40K Eldar Dreadnaught; the bricks on the base are carved out of styrofoam.  On the right is Imperial Guard Cadian Sergeant or officer.

Lastly are some of the newer plastic chaos cultists.  I only bought a few out of the FLGS's bits bin.  I'm glad because these are really stupid models with a high percentage of left handed cultists.  I wonder if lefties (or Satan's children) are more susceptible to lecherous callings of chaos.

cartoony chaos crapiness

How do chaos cultists keep cool in the heat of battle?  Simple, they go shirtless or wear air conditioners on their back.

Oh and I just got some Khurasan brand 28mm Federal Infantry in the mail and was surprised by how nice they are.  They're sculpted with much more realistically than most popular 28mm miniatures.  I hope to start painting them tonight.

Till next time!


  1. Beautiful figures, I love the shields

  2. Nice job, The Empire infantry are my favourites. I'm not surprised by the Khurasan infantry being good there 15mm figures are awesome so there 28mm's where bound to be even better!

  3. Nice eclectic mix there. :)

  4. James:

    Impressive! All of the figures look great - cool looking shield patterns on the Empire guys. You certainly have quite an eclectic collection. Best, Dean

  5. Another fine mix of goodies!