Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flock of Landspeeders


I did manage to finish painting five landspeeders this week.   The camo colors are Vallejo zombie flesh and cheap craft store dark grey.

A rather stupid vehicle, the landspeeder, there appears to be no way to land or park it safely.
The speeder in the middle is missing a door, so I tried to make it look blown off with accompanying paint scratches.

They're missing pieces here and there, I pretend that gives them more character.    Two have flamers and multi-meltas, one has only a multi-melta, one has a heavy bolter, and one only the flamer.  Can't really complain about cheap models.  I prefer to buy all my Games Workshop kit used, because it's usually at least 50% cheaper.  I don't like to strip models either; another guy's paintjob is my primer.

One piece of advice for anyone, who has never painted a landspeeder, paint the interior before adding the little pilots.  It was almost unfun painting the little cockpit buttons, controls, and lights with a big stupid space marine in the way.

Till next time, when I could have some some medieval archers, halbidiers, or random sci-fi minis.



  1. Nice camo on the land speeders...

  2. Great looking colour schemes, I surprised too how the stands aren't that noticeable.

  3. "I prefer to buy all my Games Workshop kit used"
    A man after my own heart.
    Excellent work, and I bet no one notices the custom primer

  4. Well this looks rather good.

    Recycle is good for the Emperor ;-)

  5. Very neat - love the camo - srayed?

    1. Yes, so much easier and less brush strokes dried in the paint.

  6. They look rather splendid, great job Sir.

  7. Nice colour combo on the camo.

  8. Wow - nice squadron, James. You certainly have a lot of 40K stuff. Hmmm, I thought Space Marines disdained camo - personally, I like it :) Best, Dean