Saturday, July 5, 2014

French Voltigeurs and Two Lady Survivors

Welcome Dear Viewer,

I don't have too much to show you today.  I managed to finish another ten models.  

First are eight plastic Perry Voltiguers.

Here's a rear shot.

Here they are with the first seven I painted last month.  I only need to paint nine more.  The newer guys are a little darker; my army painter shade is getting too thick.  I wish I knew what to thin it with.

Here are two Reaper models.  The left one is metal and the right one is "bones" plastic.  The bones model wasn't a very good mould.  There isn't much of a nose of the lady's face and the chainsaw blade is flimsy and whimsically bendable.  To top off the rather poor paint job, I made a stupid looking base for her.

And I forgot to paint their hair bands.

Till next time, when there should be some 40K Imperial Guard models and some French Dragoons, that I'm about 80% done with.



  1. Great additions to your French force. The lady survivors are also top-notch. Always a wide variety of interests.

  2. Very nice work on these models. Looking forward to seeing the dragons!

  3. Love the Voltiguers, but I think you are been a bit hard on yourself with the survivors. I just can't get on with the Bones plastic myself, I find it very frustrating.

  4. Nice additions mate the look great. I love the survivors. My other half always trys to use hair coloured clips and hair bobbles etc.

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    1. I like the survivors. It's not the paint job that's let you down, its poor quality control from Reaper. The paint jobs are great. Voltigeurs are nice, I have to take my hat off to anyone with the staying power to paint 28mm Naps.. Tried it never again!!!

  6. Beautiful work on the voltigeurs!

  7. Good brushwork all round, survivours in particular, though I must admit I'm not a big fan of either figure, especially the stance of the gun-toting female.