Saturday, July 9, 2016

Prussian Infantry, Grenadier/Nick Lund Dwarves, Project Z Ladies, Fallout 4 Furniture, and I Pitch a Tent

Hello Distinguished Master of the Interwebs,

Today is small post showing some of the crap I've painted for my ongoing Napoleonic Zombie Dwarf Fantasy furniture store campaign I've been working on. 

First up are twelve of the Old Glory Second Edition Prussian Line Infantry.

The guy on left won't stop sashaying!

Here they are walking away.

I said stop it!  There is absolutely no sashaying in the Prussian Army!

Here they are with a Perry plastic Prussian and a Warlord Metal Prussian.  They look like they'd fitter better with Wargames Foundry, but that's for you to decide because I didn't take a picture of that for some reason.

Here's three old Grenadier dwarves I'll likely use for Dragon Rampant and Ral Partha Chaos Wars.

You can still get Grenadier dwarves from Mirlton miniatures.  Mirlton even has the ones riding giant bats.  I very much want to own those.

Here's three more.  The guy on the left is holding a drum or as I prefer to think, a cooler for of ice cold refreshing beers.

All these Grenadier dwarves were sculpted by Nick Lund. 

Here's four random dwarves.  I think the guy on the left is Ral Partha.  I have no clue who the guy wearing the trash can on his head is made by.  I wish I knew and that they made more like him.

The two guys on the right are Heritage models.  I'd bet your money they were sculpted by Nick Lund as well.

Two random Grenadier dwarves and a couple dwarves lugging around a huge cannon ball.

You could pretend the cannonball guys are the fantasy equivalent of a slow moving guided missile.

Here's three lady survivors, now available from Warlord games, as part of the Project Z line.

I'm going to pretend they are sisters, the one in the middle will be their little baby sis.

Here's two more ladies.  The one on the right has a mongloid sword chopped off a crappy Wizkids mini in a feeble attempt to make her look kinda like Walking Dead's Michonne (spelling?).

Here's some random terrain bits.  A out house (of unknown origin), the world's smallest trash dumpster, and a little wall I carved out of Styrofoam for unknown reason.

Here's three bunk beds that I made out of wire, sticks, Styrofoam, unused toilet paper, and love.

and three little single beds...I'm going to use these for my Goldilocks and the Nine Bears battle table.

and three rusty cabinets made completely out of and painted only using Werther's Original Old Lady candies.

and here's four desks made out of Styrofoam, school paper, tooth picks, cardstock, and crickets.  I sort of managed to at least copy the rust patterns from the Fallout 4 video game.

Here's a tent I made out of cardboard, paper towels, toothpicks, and eight pounds of glue.  I completely stole this tent idea from a amazingly clever crafter named "DM Scotty"  Here's a link to his Youtube facebook tweeter page

DM Scotty has made over 500 game crafting videos.  At least 499 of the videos are good.  Only one I know of is terrible; oh God is it bad; it's the worst burning or burned out building ever made; so bad;  I don't know what he was thinking; I hate it!  Hate! Hate! It's like his 4th video I think, so don't watch it, you'll never get those eight minutes back.  Watch the other 499 good, often great, and always clever videos.

I think DM Scotty's tents came out better than my cheap rip off as well.

Till next time my beloveds, when we will either enjoy Dacians, more dwarves, and random crap like giant mushrooms; or I'll post another Pulp Alley report, we won't know till it happens.

love and kisses,


  1. Always astounded by the eclectic mix of your work. Those Project Z figs are quite interesting and your scratch-built terrain is amazing. BTW, I had the same issues with those OG 2nd Ed. French I had - since sold to Ted H. along with a bunch of other Napoleonics I had.

  2. You chose not to use soiled toilet paper? Why not!??? I laughed heartily at your toilet paper clarification :DDD

    GM Scotty is indeed a font of knowledge for cheap and convincing terrain construction methods.

    I like your storage tent! But I'm a little confused as to what is inside it. Is it scrap steal? Lovely lockers & tables too.

    Well done Bacon :)

  3. Wonderful job, love the dwarves, furniture and tents, amazing!

  4. Cracking mix of figures...the trashcan dwarf is an old Citadel Fantasy Tribe figure, which came with loads of different heads per code.

  5. Great work. Love the tent!

  6. Awesome work very productive. All those beds and furniture look fab as does the tent. The Dwarf's the simple scuplts are still excellent and good value for money as well.

  7. There's all kinds of great stuff in this posts. I really like those bunk beds. Great bit of scratch-building!

  8. Once more a great mix of figures, but with the added inclusion of scenics - what a treat!
    I do really do like the skin tones on the women though, very effective.

  9. I think this may be the best wargaming blog post I have ever seen. Oh hell, it IS the best. I'll swear to that on a stack of bibles you've made out of old flytraps, strips of the New York Times and dirty underpants.

    1. Thanks, that's a lot coming from a Padre. You probably have quite a stack of bibles.

  10. PS, the Prussians are especially nice. Even the mincing one.

  11. Lovely stuff, the dwarves are spot on as are the project Z survivors