Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dacians, Dwarves, big robot, Mushrooms, Random Terrain, and a Poo Poo Alien


I've got a fair number of minis done and ready for viewing.

Here are a few Warlord Games plastic Dacians.  I needed some guys without spear and falx.

The shields paint jobs are actually decals, except the Roman shield which is really painted.

Here are some Old Glory Dacian archers.

Here are four Old Glory Bohemian medieval archers.  I keep finding these guys in my lead pile; I've painted more than the 30 that I bought; no idea why they keeping popping up.

Here are six of the plastic dwarves OOP Grenadier miniatures released in their Fantasy Warriors boxed set game.

Here are two metal Nick Lund Grenadier metal minis and another Dacian archer that missed the earlier pictures.

Here's five of Grenadiers plastic Fantasy Warrior dwarf crossbow troops.

Here are five of the really nice Old Glory Dwarf Wars minis.

A Reaper dungeon loot piece painted like garbage bags and two resin bed things of unknown manufacture.

Here's a repainted MechWarrior plastic robot thing and a mini that I sculpted that was supposed to be a Battlestations Silicoid.  It looks like a poop.

I also made some giant mushrooms out of Sculpy bake clay.

Mushrooms are disgusting with those valve things underneath.

Here are four mini-obelisk things I scraped out of foam.  They might be good plot points for Pulp Alley or Strange Aeons terrain.

I knocked out another middle east/colonial era terrain piece.

Made a few tiny Poke-balls.  They are completely useless versus zombies.

Here's a sneak peek of a space ship that I've been making for the Battlestations board game.

Till next time, when I'll probably have post apocalyptic bikers, space ship corridors, and who knows what.

Love and Kisses,


  1. Wonderful! Especially beds and archers imo, superb...

  2. Amazing selection of miniatures so much to admire, but the Poke-balls versus zombies had me in stitches.

  3. My senses are overwhelmed with eclectica. You're right, mushrooms are disgusting, but not as much as is sentient shambling poop.

  4. More eclectic excellence.

  5. One can never have enough space poop monsters on ones table.
    Awesome collection of stuff.

    Pen Apples and Pineapple Pens. Cheers

  6. Pokeballs! Now that's what I'm make next time I have spare green stuff

  7. You've done a cracking job on the Dacians