Saturday, April 15, 2017

WWII Americans, Dwarf Rangers, Complete Randos, and some Water


I've managed to finish some models.  I've actually painted far more, but I almost loath basing, so there might be a larger post in near future.

Here are some defunct Wargames Factory WW2 Americans.  I'm quite positive I painted them all wrong.

I accidently gave them one too many special weapons. 

Here are twelve plastic GW LotR Dwarf rangers, without the round plastic bases.  Rangers are nice for Dragon Rampant, at least against me.

I didn't paint these guys I got off of TMP's Xenophon, but I did rebase them.

Here is an unknown Wargames Foundry soldier and a Rogue Trader era Robot.

I wish I knew what the Foundry model was; I've painted three of them.  The robot looks like a bug.

Here's a Mageknight model I rebased.  I only repainted the teeth, claws, and talon-things.  The sweat shop paint job was nice enough.

Please identify these models for me.  They were a gift from the wargames writer Ken Sidenblad.

Here's a water hole I made for a friend.

I could win a messy table contest.

Till next time when I should have Prussians, Germans, Russ, and some 40K stuff.

Much Love and Many Kisses,


  1. That's quite a collection!

  2. "I wish I knew what the Foundry model was"
    He's an unreleased 13/14th century Scottish Knight, he was a free give away a few years ago, I've got 2 of them. They're currently giving away a Pigmy

  3. Splendid, love the dwarves...

  4. I got all misty eyed and sentimental when I saw the robot. I had one of those back when I had hair !!!

  5. A splendidly eclectic bunch there. Excellent stuff. :)