Saturday, July 1, 2017

Eisenkern Stormtroopers, Robots, Tempestus Scions, Skitarri, Terrain Bits, and a Zombie

Hello Wonderful Viewer,

I have 44 things to show you today.  I hope you don't dislike sci-fi minis, because almost all the minis are sci-fi this time.  First are five Dreamforge brand Eisenkern Stormtroopers.

The skulls on their shoulders are GW decals, but of course there would be skulls on a GW decal sheet.

Here are four Anvil Industries robots.  I only finished basing two of them; want to do something different on two, but I don't know what yet.

The robots are called Unity Council C-48 'Warden' Autonomous Mechs,

Here are five GW Tempestus Scions (formerly called Kaskirin, Stormtroopers, or heavy troopers).  These ones have Skitarri heads instead of Scion ones.

Their "hellgun" cords are removed and magazines are added to rifles.  I found these in a bits bin.

Here's a comparison to a Dreamforge stormtrooper. 

Here are three Brother Vinni miniatures that bear a striking resemblance to robots in the Fallout video games.

They're resin; I wasn't careful enough and broke off the tall eyebot or drones antenna (twice).

Here are three Old Glory robots.

I'm down to 17 more robots left to paint, before I am complete with my robot army, with no rules.

Here are three Perry Prussian Landwehr cavalry.

Plastic broom whiskers are what the spears are made of.

Here are eight GW plastic Skitarri coming down a hill.

Stopped by the wall, they retreat back up the hill.

Here are two Mad Black Cat Bases brand robots, a rather large RAFM zombie, and two small Old Glory German minenwerfers.

Here are some bits of scatter terrain I made out of assorted wood bits:  pallets, picnic table, and pile of wooden beams.

Till next time, my beloved, when we shall have Dutch Red Lancers, robots, peasants, and probably more.



  1. I do love the eclectic mix of models you provide for our entertainment (surely there's no other reason). Well done on finalising another batch.

  2. I've got a shit tonne of those Old Glory bots to assemble & paint too. They're great minis though aren't they!

    Your painted collection of miscellaneous miniatures is amazing Bacon :)

  3. Great job on these figures, and wonderful scenery, I love the Prussian Landwehr cavalry walking on the rubbles...

  4. Outstanding! So much to like here, but those robots are my favourites.

  5. Even if mainly Sci-Fi they're a great assortment of figures and styles. I'm still quite amazed at how many robot -type figures there are available these days.
    Love the scatter terrain stuff too, always love seeing this type of stuff.

  6. Nice mix of stuff, I think my favourite is the first batch of stormtroopers, but I like the robots too!
    Best Iain

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  8. James, your work is stunning and you've certainly continued adding to your collection - where do you store all of your figures?!

  9. Lovey scifi miniatures. You threw those Prussian cavalry in as a test didn't you! They are nicely done as well.