Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trees, Terrain, and Zombies

Hi Accidental Blog Viewer,

I took some pictures of some of my latest toy army man projects.

First, I've adding to the zombie horde. I don't want any identical zombies, but I won two eBay auctions each with three identical "Horrorclix" zombies. With a little repainting, head/limb swapping, I've managed to get enough deviation to avoid duplicate zombies.

The second set are patients. The one on the right, has static grass painted brown for hair. I ran out of matching scale arms.

Here's a picture of all my newer zombie horde additions. We've these additions, I think I have 34 painted zombies. My favorite is the zombie ventriloquist also from "Horrorclix". I plan to use the horde to spice up the Zombies board game, so I've included two of the official Zombies miniatures. You will see no close up pictures for those as they didn't paint up well.

The unpainted buildings are $2 craft things I picked up at a Michael's Craft Store. I think they'll make quick and easy terrain.

I have to go to the store, I'll post the other pictures when I get back.


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