Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fix Bayonets 2011!

I made it the afternoon session of Fix Bayonets II, I was almost late for that and almost missed out on being in a game.  I know I missed out sleeping in, but I love sleep.

Bill V. was putting on a classic game of Imperial, which I managed to get in on.  I haven't ever played the system, but Bill V. (true professional)  made it run smooth as silk.  I think it was the battle of Islandwala.  Please forgive me if I'm wrong Bill, bad short term memory and my Zulu-Anglo War knowledge is weak at best.

The British made the error of separating their forces, as they were supposed to.  The first wave of Zulus, arrives on the field.

The wave crashes into the first red line.  I being a Zulu general tried to keep away from the big guns.  I failed somewhat, but so did the British gunners.

The first British force is being completely over run.  I would have ran back and formed with the others as quickly as possible.  But the British are apparently too brave.

Guns over run.

Sorry for the crap AAR, whole turns are missing, I took a bunch of fuzzy pics and almost none of my allied Zulu Chief Adrian's left wing.   I also missed all the cavalry action.

Bottom line, Adrian made it to the second line fairly unscathed and between the two us we annihilated two large infantry squares of British, before we all decided it was immoral to continue.

Bill's minis were also mostly classic Ral Partha minis, sculpted by Tom Mier (spelling) I believe and were terrific.  I simply love the look of those minis.  Smaller by today's standard, but incredible sculpts with nice proportions.  I'm extremely jealous.

If you're out there, Bill V. thank you much for an awesome fun game!  It was great.  If you put it on again, I'd love to try the other side.

You can see more pictures of the great game and event at the Puyallupwargamers yahoo group or on a couple great blogs:  or


  1. Looks like a lot of fun - sorry I missed it...

  2. Nice photos of Bill V.'s game. Best, Dean

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