Sunday, September 11, 2011

Warlord Le Deal

First post in 9 months.  I was out of the country and unable to play with my toys, but now that I'm back I intend to play and post far more often.

I'd been saving my play money up for about six months and ordered the "Le Deal - French" from Warlord, and wanted to post a pic and ramble on about what a great deal it is.  For $173 (free shipping) I got four boxes of Perry French Line, 2 boxes Perry French Heavy Cavalry, 1 box Perry French Hussars, 1 box Perry French Dragoons, 1 box Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers, and a Victrix blister containing two mounted French officers and a Pioneer.

That totals up to 235 foot, 57 mounted, and twelve casualty miniatures for $173.  I can't think of a better deal anywhere.

Due to the fact I saved so much money I had extra cash to spend on some Prussians:  Two boxes of Perry Prussian Line and a box of Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

The Warlord minis have the most extensive packaging.  Sprues are wrapped in plastic and separated by card board.  Perry and Victrix just toss the mini sprues in the box.

In the Landwehr box, you get thirty models:  three metal and 27 plastic.  The plastics consist of nine sprues with only three poses.  There are two swords for every three men, the third has a little ax on his belt.  I didn't know the Landwehr actually had blades.

Here's the three metal minis that come in the box:

I also made an order from the Perry Brother, due to the fact that Warlord doesn't carry Perry metals.  The French needed cannon, so I picked up three line artillery six pounder sets.  This was the first crew painted.

I saw that the Perry's sell a Fusilier conversion kit for the Musketeer boxes and picked one of those up.  It includes four command figures and different backpacks.  The only real differences I saw was that they had straight blades instead of curved.  Two Prussian boxes and the conversion kit allow you to actually create four Black Powder size units.  96 models total:  one small unit of twelve Jagers and three regular units 28 musketeers.

I also picked up one Perry Prussian six pounder piece to see how they compared to my Old Glory Prussian Artillery.  The Perry models are definitely better sculpts and a little bit taller; the OG model is on the far right; you can't tell the Perry models are taller in this picture, but I swear they are.

The Dragoons come with thirteen mounted models and eight dismounted models.  You can't dismount the whole unit.  So I picked up three of the two miniature dismounted sprues so I could dismount the whole unit.  13 minis will make a small unit of skirmishers in Black Powder.  Luckily the mounted sprues come with extra chests for the leadership.  I'll simply cut some of the models in half and put the leadership chests on lowly enlisted legs.  Here's the six I've painted already.

Delivery wise the Perry Package made it all the way to Washington State in less than two weeks.  The Warlord delivery took 32 days, but they were kind enough to email me we the order had been processed and mailed.  The Perry Brothers robot doesn't even email you a receipt for your purchase.



  1. Wow! James, you sure have a lot of French. Those dragoons look great. How do you plan on painting the remaining figures? I've started to use Miniwax Tudor Satin for a lot of projects. It actually looks okay over white - that is for Napoleonics - crossbelts, straps, etc. It really speeds up work and looks fine after a coat of Testors Dullcoat. BTW, have you seen the Warlord plastic Russians - those look really nice too. Best, Dean

  2. Dean,

    Thanks for the compliment. I did notice that I forgot to paint the last painting batches' eyes. Oh well, I'll get the rest of their eyes and hopefully no one will notice that the Dragoons are either sleeping standing up or can't see what they're shooting at.

    I use the clear Minwax water base tinted onyx, but I do intend on switching over to Tudor Satin when the can runs low.

    The Russians do look neat, but I will probably not be ordering any soon. Have to keep purchases on the down low, no mail order for a while. Wife would give me Hell if I bought more after adding 500 or so recently. My easily distracted painted cue needs less new minis.

    Those boats and recent Japanese troops on your blog are all amazing!