Saturday, October 20, 2012

Albuquerque Zombie Center

Would anyone like to get together and run a game at the Battle in the Bosque of the Battle at the Bosque?

Here are some pictures of a 4' x 8' table based on the Albuquerque Garden Center that I'm nearing completion on. I really only need to finish the indoor floor plan and add more outside vegetation.

My initial plan was zombies versus miniature wargaming enthusiasts, but it could be used for any 25-28mm modern or sci-fi gaming. I just don't have time to buy and learn a new set of rules; I prefer making junk more than running games.

The second problem is that the stupid thing won't fit in my stupid car, and I would need help driving the two 4' x 4' pieces a couple miles to the Garden Center.

love Baconfat


  1. That is a thing of beauty, I'm very jealous mate.

    Great looking table and terrain, Salutes you sir!

  2. Such an inspirational set up, a thing of beauty Sir.

  3. Wow this is fantastic! And I love the miniature wargaming tables you have done! Brilliant!

  4. Missed this one - amazing stuff as always. Enjoy the sun! Best, Dean

  5. great board, top bit of work.