Saturday, April 13, 2013

Darkest Africa Terrain: Tembe and Village with Huts


I haven't posted in quite awhile, because I've been busy making a friend some terrain.  He's running a Darkest Africa game next weekend at the Caminorealgamers convention: Gameday 2K13.

The first up is an African Tembe, with a removable roof.   The main entrances are not complete.  Please ignore the out of period minis.

I sculpted little bits and bobs.

Here is a small walled village.

The huts are removable, so that they may be used in other scenarios.

The hut roofs are removable, but the interiors aren't really done and they all really need doors.

The huts will nest in each other as well.  The roofs are made out of painted cloth and are stackable for storage.

Till next time, thanks for viewing.


  1. Wow! Awesome terrain, James. Really fantastic work. Will you be able to make it back for Enfilade? Hope you can. It would be great seeing you again - I'm sure all the old crew would love to see you too. Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. Sadly I won't be at Enfilade, I think I'll be in Albuquerque for a few years. Maybe I'll fly up next year, I can't have you getting all the good swap table finds.

  3. They look great, Where is Quartermain though! Needs a huge cooking pot!

  4. These look superb, I particularly love the small walled village and the idea that you can stack the huts away - genius! Mind you I think whoever lives there are going to need to build bigger walls looking at the local livestock lurking in the background of picture seven - run away!

  5. I was just thinking about building a tembe yesterday for my Darkest Africa campaign and then I see yours from a link on TMP. This is the first one I've seen which is built with a proper sense of the size of them. Excellent!

  6. That's quite a bit of really goo looking scenery you've got underway.
    The Tembe looks the part and having stackable huts is inspired.

  7. That's brilliant!

    What on Earth did you use for the walls?!?!?!

  8. Or kraal or whatever the fence is called?!

  9. These are very cool! I may try and make something similar in 20mm.