Monday, May 27, 2013

Austrian Grenz and Hittite Archers


Finished some more minis today, thanks to the long weekend.  First are some old Ral Partha Hittites.  They're actually Syrian Hyksos Archers working for the Hittites.  They're still sold by Iron Wind, but at a steep price of $2.50 each.

They've been sprayed with Army Painter Barbarian flesh, painted, then stained with different shades.  They only come in one pose, so I was hoping that the variation in skin tone would give units some more character.

Next are some Fronk Rank Grenz, mostly all AN67 and AN68 poses.  I didn't technically paint these myself.  I bought them used/painted in very poor condition.  All I did was straighten them all out, match paints for the numerous chips, wash, and base them.   The standard is missing because I can't remember were I put it.



  1. I'm seriously impressed by those archers, great heads up on the spray as I hadn't realised that they did skin colours too.

  2. Nice job on the archers and the repair job on the Grenz.

  3. Great job on these, as always, James. I am very impressed with the Ral Partha Hittites. They look as good, if not better than, anything currently out. Best, Dean

  4. The Hittite archers are realy impressive, great work on the colors, especialy the skin!

  5. Quite happy to see the results you achieved using the Army Painter barbarian Flesh. I have 25mm Hittites and 15mm Egyptians that may benefit from the same treatment. Very nice.