Saturday, May 18, 2013

Foot Sergeants, Crossbows, Archers, Zombies, and Shipping Containers


It's been awhile since I posted pictures of toys.  Here are 16 Fire Forge brand Foot Sergeants.  Need to start buying decals; painting shields takes too long.  Fire Forge plastics come in boxes of 48, so I'm going to make 16 crossbows! (no stupid shields) and 16 spearmen next.

On the far right is an Old Glory (OG) Tuetonic Foot Sergeant I painted at the same time to see how'd they match up.  They don't OG versions are smaller and all wear the same exact outfit.  The OG are extremely quick paints though.

 Next up is a mix, left to right:  OG Hussite crewman, OG Hussite hand gunner, 2 OG crossbows, and 3 old Grenadier Crossbows (came out shortly before they went out of business).

Five Grenadier archers, wish I had more of these models.

A smathering of Games Workshop (GW) models:  OOP metal Greatsword, 2 OOP plastic duelers?, 2 plastic artillery crew.
Four plastic Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens, a long OOP GW metal Commissar, a lonely Victory Force zombie dancing the robot.
Here's a bunch of mobility shipping containers I got super cheap at a NHMGS Enfilade Convention.  They were about $.17 cents a piece, probably being factory rejects, but still a pleasure to paint.
 Close up blurry action shot.

Thank's for viewing, please tell me I'm great.

Love and Kisses Baconfat!


  1. Great looking word on a wide variety of figures. You know those Fireforge guys would work great as Bretonnians too :)! Best, Dean

  2. What an eclectic bunch, fitting for the title though.

  3. What wonderful variety rolling off the painting table, I particular like the foot sergeants, very nice indeed.

  4. Fantastic looking troops, I do like the first pictures!!

  5. Nice! I like the old Marienburgers and the GW Landknechts (Greatswords?) I've got some of those myself.

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