Saturday, November 2, 2013

Perry Plastic Pikemen, Cultist, Eldar Dreadnoughts, Imperial Fist, IG, Rogue Trader, Terrain Bits, and a Zed

Hello Dearest Viewer,

I didn't blog any in October, but I did do some painting.  First up is a 16 man batch of Perry plastic mercenaries.  They're painted up as Burgundians.

more of a blob than a block
Next are some old out of production metal Eldar dreadnaughts.  I tried to paint them up in the style of the original Rogue Trader book, without the tiger striping.  They really didn't come out very nice due to a severe lack of detail.  The white one hidden in the back of the pack was supposed to look dirty and old, but looks about as exciting as a dried out cat turd.
slow moving dreadnoughts wandering in a very uninspired fashion

The other five or six I was working on will probably be returned to the storage ship until I get some inspiration.

This one stepped on a Wargames Factory Zombie.

Here is a smattering of terrain bits including a bed where someone had a rude awakening and a Cthulhu style pillar.

Ooh how exciting....a barrel

Some 40K pieces:  3 old Imperial Guardsman painted as Necromundia Spiders, a test paint job of an Imperial Fist (the group of marines being slaughtered on the Rogue Trader cover), and 3 servitors with arms off Mechwarrior models.

Here's a repainted Wizkids D&D wizard painted to look like a cultist, Rogue Trader adventurer that looks alot like Dr Jones, a repainted gumball machine zombie (I put zits on the back of his arms), and an old Warzone model who'll join my Cobra force.

Till next time, when I hope to have some Ral Partha Romans and Citadel Empire swordsmen done.  I have some fancy red pants early war WW1 Frenchmen in the painting queue.

love Baconfat


  1. Once again, James - your work is impressively varied and executed. You must have a huge stash of unpainted figures - looking forward to more surprises. Best, Dean

  2. I do love the diversity in your posts and some great examples of humour too. Love the little touches like the squashed chap under the Dreadnought!

  3. thanks for the compliments, your blogs inspire me