Sunday, May 4, 2014

Voltigeurs, Heritage Rebasing, and the IG Steals a Clone Speeder

Hello Dearest Humans,

Today I have more minis painted.  When a couple local gamers decided to finally try Sharp Practice, I realized I did not have very many single based French.  We needed French, so I painted some.

First are some plastic Perry voltigeurs.  They were a pleasure to paint.

 Here are some Front Rank (I think) voltigeurs.  They're repainted used minis.  Some are still on round bases, because I couldn't pry them all off they're coins without breaking them.   I know because I'll because I'm having having a funeral/burial in the back yard tonight for the guys that died during the transfer.

 I love repainting other peoples minis; it's as if the primer is my painting guide.  I did not repaint these used Heritage minis.  I was happy with just getting them off their huge washers (seen below).  I prefer square bases, as they're easier to form up into tighter units and they take up less shelf space.
They haven't eaten in awhile.  The guy in the middle is even delirious, thinking he is carrying a flag.

Highlight of the post.

A couple light French troops from Foundry.  I don't know why I painted them, they're the only two I have.

Here's the comparison pic that the world has been clamoring for.  Front Rank (once again probably), Perry, Heritage.
Front Rank, Perry plastic, Heritage.

 While painting and re-basing French, I was distracted by something shiny.   When I awoke from my wandering, I realized that I had painted a GW flagellant.  I think he's actually for the Mordhiem game, but he'll fit in just fine with the rest of my crazed religious zealots.
The eye paint is bad, he's got cat eyes.
Here is a Infantry Support Platform speeder my Imperial Guard models stole from the Empire.  After beheading the previous soulless owners (clones) the Imperial Guard motor pool guys applied a quick paint job to hide the theft.


Here's what it use to look like, complete with bent gun barrels.
I stole this picture off Google Images

Here's a picture comparing it to other speeders.  I don't know why I didn't use guard model head with eye protection.  They're going to have a hard time seeing if they drive very fast.  I will keep them on a shelf separate from the Guard Ground Safety Monitor or I'll probably have to fill out some hazard identification reports.
Space Marines, Stolen ISP Speeder, Ancient Imperial Army Speeder

Here's a picture of their rear ends.

How do these stupid things land?

Till next time, I have no idea what I'll paint.

love Baconfat


  1. Great work love the voltigeurs.

  2. I do love the variety you cram into a post - great work Sir.

  3. Really like the re-purposed speeder dude.

  4. Wonderful work all around, James. Those are indeed Front Rank too. I'm not familiar with Heritage, but they look like nice figures. The 40K stuff looks great too.

  5. Your posts are always a wonderful mixed bag something for anyone. I do love what you've done with the speeder. To answer you question they don't, they crash!

  6. Excellent pain job and beautiful pictures, love the Frenchies!

  7. As diverse a collection as always, I agree about the flaggelant's eyes (but I have many gripes about painted eyes on figures)

  8. The 'stolen' speeder is cool! Great paint job on the speeder.