Saturday, July 12, 2014

Imperial Guardsmen, a Few French, a Couple Space Marines, and Ral Partha Africans


I've gotten a few models out of the painting queue.

First are some old Imperial Guard models called Mordians.  I've painted them an impractical red, because I painted a few others red some years back.

I've gathered up all my red 40K models, maybe they'll be a retinue for the two inquisitors.  The Imperial Guard models could be their ships crew.  I hate the idea of everything in the 40K universe being manned by cyborg zombie servitors.  It's plainly a waste of good cyborg parts, when you have trillions of humans eating food, you should put them to work.  Use the cyborg zombies for important work.

Here's a couple French sappers, a Warlord Games  and a Genie of the Guard Sapper.  The sapper is just a Victrix Imperial Guard body with a Perry cuirassier head.

I saw a picture on the internet of over a hundred space marine chapters and thought it might be fun to paint one of each.  To start I painted two of the easiest chapters:  Death Strike and Dark Hunters.   Paint  completely blue, add a couple details, wash, and done.

Lastly are some old Ral Partha  or possibly RAFM Africans.  I painted these up very fast without any sort of reference or idea of the correct colors, so please forgive me if they're all wrong.

Till next time, when I promise to have the previously promised French Dragoons pictured.  I haven't attached their scabbards yet.  I've also started some Perry Prussian Reservists and some French Chevaux-Legers Lanciers.  The lancers will be the 5eme Regiment because I like the colors.

Love Baconfat


  1. Lovely paintwork and selection of figures dude.

  2. Great looking eclectic mix of figures; love that Sapper conversion! Looks like you'll be running out of red paint too!

    1. Thanks Dean, you're too kind. I thought it was an awful mix of mediocre paint jobs. I looked at the pics and noticed I forgot to part parts of the space marines. I have a giant bottle of red paint to destroy minis with.

  3. What a great variety of figures coming off your workbench! I agree with Dean, that sapper is fantastic.

  4. Excellent work, I like the sapper and the African troops especially...

  5. Oh my, you're going to be painting a whole lot of Space Marines. I had no idea there were that many chapters. Good God, you'll be broke when you're done!

    You do such a nice job of going from genre to genre. Not many folks can do this.

  6. Nice work. Like the sappers. 100+ Space Marines Chapters! So if you paint one of each won't you have a company of Space Marines?! Nice idea to paint one of each. The African troops look good to me! But I'm not expert either!!

  7. Always good to see RT minis :)

    Good show old boy!

  8. Not the imperial guardmen I was expecting, but I was still impressed especially with the reward of seing the Genie further down the page.
    Good luck on doing a figure to represent each Chapter, I thought there were 1000 ?
    Your Ansar fit the bill very nicely too.

  9. Nice variety and great painting.