Sunday, September 7, 2014

French Lanciers and Large Zorndorf Pics


I haven't managed to finish to many miniatures for today, but there are several groups of models almost done for the next post.  A unit of Perry metal French Lancers.  Please don't notice that I somehow forgot to paint the hooves.

Front view

rear view

I base them on one, two, and three model stands so they can be used for casualty removal skirmish games, but not to fiddly to slow down movement in larger games.

Here are some pics of a great game put on by my buddy Steve.  Zorndorf, Russia vs Prussians with about 1,500 models.

Next time I'll have some Space Marine scouts and some Rohan infantry.  They're 95% done being painted and really only need a protective clear coat and bases decorated with dirt and whatnot.  If I'm productive, there will be a 2' x 2' terrain piece of a completely bombed out church.



  1. Great looking lancers - a unit I've always liked the looks of. Great looking SYW game too - amazing amount of beautifully painted figures. You've certainly hooked up with a great gaming club!

  2. Great.
    Riders is stunning, and this green color uniform.
    Very natural colors

  3. Nice lanciers and big SYW battle! Will be seeing a BatRep on this action in the future?

  4. Great looking lanciers, and beautiful lines of troops!

  5. Those lancers are gorgeous. I like your muted colour palette.