Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lost and Found Rohan Rider, a Couple Nappies, and Some Space Marines

Hello Exceptional Gifted Viewer,

A fairly mundane post without many minis, but I've been prepping models for the 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Last time I posted Rohan minis, one was mysteriously missing.  I found the missing warrior stolen by my cat Cthulhu.  It was not an easy find.  First I had to team up with a ghoul, go on a confusing boat ride through Kaddath, and eventually I found my mini in the paws of said cat.  I was going to kill the feline using the Viking eagle wings torture technique, but I was in Ulthar, where no man may kill a cat.  Instead I fed him tuna.

Here's a couple Frenchmen, I repainted over.  I don't mind repainting damaged used minis, as it's brain free coloring.

I painted a Space Shark terminator.  He's standing in front a tiny homemade mini-mine field.  The engineer must have been an idiot.  No one is going to miss those obvious tilt rods and if they're anti-vehicle, why aren't they surrounded by anti-personnel mine?  They're made of sprue pieces and bits of wire.

The dud dumb bomb is fairly small, maybe a 250 pounder.  I forgot to add lugs.

Now we have five red Space Marines, done in my quest to have one model from all 1,000 chapters.

In order, left to right:  Angels Encarmine, Red Hunters, Exorcists, Red Talons, and I don't know.  The Rogue Trader marine I picked didn't have a free shoulder pad to paint; I'm going to claim he's a Blood Angel.  I forgive myself for the quick somewhat sloppy shoulder art, I have to finish a thousand before I die.

With 16 different marines, I am 1.6% done with this project.

Here's about half the crap I have decided to paint next.  There'll be Rohan, Prussians, Frenchmen, Cthulhu monsters, Doom game monsters, Tuetonic Sergeants, centaurs, and Perry mercenaries.

till next time, love


  1. First, great painting, I really like your style.Secondly kudos on having a cat called Cthulhu, what a great name....I'm tempted to get another kitty so I can call him Nyarlathotep. Always thought Ulthar might be a suitable place to retire too (apart from the Zoog problem).

  2. "Brain free coloring" is a classic! Too good not to use again.

    Great results on your painting and the figures in the painting queue are an eclectic mix. Love the Space Marines!

  3. My compliments on another fabulous array of work.

  4. Great painting dude! That's some paint queue you have there.

  5. Great brushwork all around, James. I see the Terminator pulling hazardous duty for you in the minefield!

  6. Your definition of "not many minis" needs adjusting, I wouldbe more than pleased with sucha productive output. Cat-thulu needs sending to the outer planes.

  7. An eclectic collection indeed! I can see you're going to be busy during the challenge, good luck! PS give the cat a flick behind the ear! ;-)

    1. Thanks Scott,

      consider him flicked, but I'll tell the all powerful extremely evil cosmic entity you made me do it.

  8. Great paint job and great pictures too!

  9. You always paint old miniatures and i think its great :)
    Great work again.

  10. What a neat idea for the Marines. The forum has a Space Marine Swap thread where people paint up a space marine for someone else. Even if you don't get involved, the thread is still very inspirational for painting Marines

  11. Great stuff, especially the Rider.

    But the 1000 Marines project? That is seriously bonkers and definitely 'one to watch'. Good luck. :)