Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thirteen Riders of Rohan


Due to Analogue Hobbies' Curt practically ordering us to paint Tolkien miniatures, I have a Riders of Rohan warband for the Hobbit/LotR Strategy Battle game completed.  These guys are the second warband that I've painted this year.  Rohan are super easy to paint and I look forward to painting a few more warbands.

Here's eleven of the thirteen.

Here's a random side shot.

If you play Rohan, the good news in the most current errata is very good news.  Riders of Rohan do not count against your force's 33% bow limit.  You can now have a probably unplayable but fun all mounted force with bows.

Here's the twelfth guy out front.  I didn't notice he was missing in the group shots.  I posed him quickly with the other spear men.  It was getting dark and my battery was dying and I feared I didn't have the time or juice for another group shot.

I've tried something different than a few random rocks on a base, by making mud puddles.  It's quite simple to do.  You simply leave blank spots on the base when you build up your ground cover.  Paint the "hole" the darkest color of your base and then gloss or lacquer over the top.  I'm experimenting with homemade miniature horse biscuits for future base decor.
the front base is out of focus

Here's the thirteenth, Eomir.  I didn't include him in the Painting challenge, because I had started him prior to Dec 5th.

Next time I hope I hope to have a couple more LotR minis (to please the All Seeing Curt), together with some medieval archers.  There should be some random other minis, that I also started before December 5th.



  1. These look great! I really like the GW Riders and you've done a marvellous job of bringing them to life!

    1. Thanks Tim! That means alot to me coming from you. You're a great painter.

  2. Great looking riders of rohan.

  3. Really nice bunch of Rohan. Top job. Cheers

  4. Wow, that's an impressive entry! I'm struggling to get six horse and riders done for next week!

  5. Great great job! My compliments!

  6. I think they're great, suitably rab (in a good way); the riders are some of the best offerings from GW imo.

  7. Great job Bf! Looking really good, love the puddles.

  8. I recognise these from a certain painting challenge!! Really welldone I look forward to seeing more LOTR stuff!

  9. Very cool, James. Always a pleasure to see your projects.

  10. Great painting and love the puddles too!

  11. These are very well done. Just saw Battle of Five Armies last night. Good flick...even though I am a Tolkien purist...still loved it.