Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lovecraft Monsters and More

Hello Most Dear Viewer,

I have a pack of mean and nasty monsters and "evil" space demons for you.

Here's a group shot.

Here's a rear shot of the group.

Here's a "Hound of Tindalos" from FFG's Mansions of Madness board game.  He's human size.  Invented by Frank Belknap Long, hounds are immortal creatures that live in the angles of time.  They may materialize into our world through sharp angles to drain the fluids out of humans.  I keep mine in a round cage, because I like my fluid on my insides. 

Here's a "Mi-go" Here's a  from FFG's Mansions of Madness board game.   It's somewhat larger than a human model.  Invented by Mr. Lovecraft, Mi-go are some sort of bat winged fungoid crustecean that are a war with the Elder gods.  For some reason the fly from Pluto and steal our brains.  They don't eat them, but instead keep them in containers, like portable hard drives.

These are not really Lovecraft minis.  The eleven spider looking things are actually monsters from FFG's Doom game, but I'm pretending they are servitors of the spider god, Atlach-Nacha, the Spinner of Darkness.  I think the fish guy is a Mage Knight Sahugin, who I think make a fairly decent Deep One.

This is a Shoggoth from FFG's Mansions.    Another invention of Mr. Lovecraft, Shoggoth are semi-conscious amorphous shape changing blobs, covered in eyes.  No longer slaves to their creators, the Elder Things, they like to squish albino penguins.

Lastly, is a Cthonian from Mansions.  Cthonian's are underground worm creatures invented by Brian Lumley.  Cthonians much like witches, are killed by water.  I used varnish to make his tentacles look slimy.

Till next time when I'll have some centaurs done and hopefully some Prussian cavalry ready.

Love and kisses,


  1. All very cool, James. I don't know enough about Lovecraft, but take your word on these. I do like the many-eyed Shoggoth.

  2. Excellent work...the shiny tentacles look really gribbly. I wasn't aware of the plastic figures from the board game...are they available to buy on their own? The Mi-Go is my favourite (the buzzing voice on the wax cylinder...very creepy).

    1. Springinsfeld,

      I don't believe you can buy them separately, but don't be afraid to buy this slightly overpriced game. It's great fun playing the game itself, even normal people enjoy it.

      The human characters are a smaller scale than most modern miniatures and are quite detailed. The only bad miniatures in the set are the witches and zombie/ghouls.

    2. Normal people....not sure if I know any of those. I'll keep an eye out for the game.

  3. Excellent work. They all look great in a gribbly way. Cool stuff. :)

  4. Superb stuff dude! I love H.P.'s work and these models are really good representations. Well done that man!

  5. Monsters are good! IMHO, pretending is a conduit for a flood of creativeness into one's planning and pleasure of modeling and gaming. Keep the flood gate open, sir.

  6. Very nice indeed - fantastic many tenticled things

  7. I was a great fan of Lovecraft, and this is an impressive, and beautiful (or awful, all depends on whether we find ourselves in front of "them"!) job...really excellent!

  8. Great representations ofthe many Lovecraftian beast, I was most impreesed with 'the hound' and thought it an excellent interpretation - definetly the best I've seen.
    Great paintjobs throughout

  9. Great looking set. really like the Mi-Go. Only read some Lovecraft but figures based on this stories are popping up everywhere, must dig out my copy and start reading.

  10. I love these guys. Haven't seen so many space monsters back to back since I binge-watched season 2 of Space 1999. :)

  11. Yeah this board game has a ton of fun mini's lovely painting.

  12. Cool, especially the Shoggoth and Cthonian. Love the colours.