Sunday, February 15, 2015

Uruk Hai Berserkers and Prussian Cavalry


I decided to paint some more LotR minis.  Uruk Hai beserkers seemed a fun choice. These are the plastic Uruk berserkers that came with the Uruk siege box set.  One was missing a torch, so I'm armed him as best I could.  

Here are three metal Uruk berserkers.  I think they made four versions in metal.
You can't tell in the pics, but I gave the guys veins on their rippling muscles.  I put on varnish, then spray on clear matte, before the varnish is quite dry.  The matte drys quicker than the varnish and pulls it into small spidery ridges that quite resemble scars or veins on flatter  surfaces.  Only try this on nude or nearly nude models as you may ruin clothing and armor.  It would also nearly destroy a tank model, which is how I stumbled on to this trick.

Here they are all together, about to realize their weapons are useless versus thick stone walls, "Run away!".

A spot of gardening.

I've also managed to finish painting seven Old Glory Prussian Landwehr Cava

They are from the 4th Regiment of the 4th Silesian Landweher Cavalry. They are wearing frumpy schirmutz caps instead of proper shakos. Instead doing my own research, I filched the color scheme from the terrific "Blunders on the Danube" blog.

Here they running towards the left of your computer screen. I've included three previously painted models, that I posted maybe a month ago, before I ran out of blue paint.

Here they are running away.

Here they are helping the Rohirrim ethnic cleanse the land of orcs.

Till next time, when I'll have a few more French Nappys and maybe a couple LotR minis done.

Love and kisses,



  1. Very impressive work - and it´s good to know the Uruks have a sensitive side:the gardening spot must be their moment of Zen in between massacres and raiding.. ;) Cheers!

  2. Lovely job Bf! Great Uruk Hai, very nice horses dude! Sweet flags too. Where did you get the plants in the garden?

    1. Bob, the plants are plastic stuff from the floral section in the crafts store. They came in a big bunch on stems. I stole them from my wife. The cut off heads appear similar to cabbage or lettuce.

  3. What a stroke of fantastic genius---a Uruk Hai dash after the enemy with his machine gun in hand!! There ought to be an award for crossing the sacred boundaries of "genre realism". And you, sir, should get one!!

  4. I love it how the vege patch makes them so ANGRY!
    Top work!

  5. Love the Uruks!
    And the thought of them gardening like an hobbit in the Shire made me laugh xD

  6. Great painting on all of these, James. Like your method of "rippling muscles." Looks like you should have quite a Prussian force now - doing anything for the Waterloo anniversary? The White Rock guys from B.C. are putting on a huge Ligny/Waterloo game with over 5K 28mm figs at Enfilade.

  7. Strange and beautiful...nice looking units and wonderful pictures!

  8. The infamous unit of Uruk gardeners being pursued by Prussian lancers, a great image to have - nice figures too !

  9. A combination not often seen in the garden or gaming table.
    Interesting accidentally discovered rippling muscle technique.