Friday, March 27, 2015

Really Big Ork Horde


I was in the friendly local game store and local, Henry, had decided to see what his 30 year collection of space orks looked like, all out at once.  His collection is impressive, beyond words and contains numerous scratch built vehicles and kit-bashes.  Some of the paint jobs are absolutely exquisite.

This is everybody all lined up for a group photo.

The Right wing of this amazing Waagh.   There's some ancient Rogue Trader models in the bottom right hand corner.

The center.

Check out the amazing Mustang conversion and some cool little buggies.

The left.  There's some really nasty looking fellows in power armor.

 I'm not sure what these gun beasts are, but I don't think he's done painting them.  You can see he uses boar riders instead of bikers.  I don't think he has any orks on motorcycles.

Here is an over the top super heavy tank he's working on.  The large missile appears to use a living creature as the guidance system.

A very cool scratch built tank.  Check out the checkered paint spill.  I love the old ork dreadnaught models.

There some odd guys with nasty pets.  I' believe they're called squigs.

A blevy of scratch built vehicles.  I look forward to seeing the finished paint jobs.

A few gyrocopters.

Four jets, is Insane!

One of the most exciting pieces.  It's a converted GW LotR Harad Oliphant.  Old School fans make recognize a striking similarity to an old ork epic model, just much bigger and better.

Hordes of boyz.

more boyz.

Check out the amazing tail art.

One of my favorites are his ork back pack helicopter guys.  I don't think I ever seen these before.


some top notch game or objective markers.  He's made each one a tiny little piece of art.

And last and least least, the very best Stompa model ever made!

The rear of the behemoth model even has a gyrocopter landing pad.

Till, this weekend when I'll have more painted models up and hopefully a decent battle report from the Darkest Heart of Africa!



  1. Wow... Now that's an army :)
    Love the Mumakil ahahah

  2. Amazing. The Stompa alone is incredible.

  3. Colour and Movement! It's got everything a good wargame army needs!

  4. what a collection !!
    the "thing" in the last picture is my preferred one but all seems to be very good !

  5. I am impressed with the size of the army and the diversity. So many colours though I found it hard to focus on anyone thing.

  6. Blimey! You weren't joking were you!!!!

  7. It's titanic! You simply have to love them orcs :-)

  8. Impressive! Yes that is the very best stompa model ever made! Armies like this are bitter sweet to me an ex 40k player.

  9. Very cool looking collection. I loved that spilled checker pattern paint

  10. That's cool. Puts 'Toy' back in Toy Army. I remember a lot of those old models. Colour scheme back in the old nice and bright scheme as well. Thanks for sharing this. cheers