Monday, May 25, 2015

French Voltiguers, LotR Minis, a Centaur, and Battle of Bemis Heights Pics

Happy Memorial Day to Fine Viewers,

First are some Perry French French Voltiguers.  I painted ten in this batch, but one was camera shy and wouldn't come out of the box.

 I based some Woodland Scenic Trees.

LotR, the guy on the left is an Elan Merch Dunlending model.  Elan Merch is what Heritage LotR models were called in the States.  The middle guy is some GW Rohan hero whose name has left me.  The lady on the right is a model of unknown origin who looked rather Rohany to me.

A centaur, a long OOP metal GW Imperial Guardsman, and a Tarantula gunner I didn't paint.  His paint job is almost almost as thick as the model, unless of course he's made completely out of paint.  I tried staining and inking him to bring out the details, but it didn't work well.

I used Vallejo's new clear paint on the centaur's left rear leg ankle and you can see right through it.

In no particular order are some super exciting pictures from a game I managed to play in.  Our terrific game leader Dave puts on beautiful AWI 28mm games with his amazing collection of marvelous toys.

 This game ended somewhat close to reality.  Eventually the Americans sacrificed enough bodies and took some redoubt.
 The rules are easy to play Sons of Liberty, written by a NHMGS member.

Till next time, when I'll have more random minis painted and possibly a Pike and Shot and Zombies AAR.



  1. Lovely paintwork Bf. That clear paint is the business!
    Great game pictures too dude.

  2. Thanks for the tabletop battlefield sights and sounds (for all of us young guys tucked away in an old man's body...BOOM!)

  3. Brushwork on your French voltigeurs is superb and your AWI game is a visual treat.

  4. Lots of lovely painted minis great work!

  5. A splendid looking battle (photos are just great!), and your paint job on the voltigeur is excellent!

  6. A wonderful post from the great miniatures to the splendid looking game - I love it all.

  7. Nice paint job, and I need to find that new transparent color reference :)

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