Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dwarves, WWI French, a Hittite, Oldhammer 40K, and some Colonial Terrain

Hello Fine Viewer,

Today I have finished a few more models and terrain pieces.  First up are four Ral Partha dwarves with crossbows.  There are two missing dwarves missing from the Iron Lords box set.  I don't know what I've done with them.

 Here are some Battle Honors WWI French.  I am out of these models and will have to find more French, maybe Old Glory.

 An Iron Winds Metals Hittite (Ral Partha), I hope he wasn't supposed to be one of my chariot riders.
 Four old Imperial Guard minis.  The guy on the right is a penal legion chap with the exploding collar.
 Who gives prisoners lascannons?
 I knocked out four small buildings for Afghan, India or Africa games.

Till next time, when I may have WWI Germans and some terrain bits.



  1. Nice eclectic mix as always, James. BTW, The Game Matrix had a bunch of their Battle Honours 28mm 30% off - didn't see any WW1 French, but I think there were some Belgians in kepis and greatcoats.

    1. Hi Dean, they're out because I bought them all three years ago.

  2. These models are absolutely great. I especially love the dwarves. Great work!

  3. Excellent job, the WW1 French are my favourites!

  4. Seeing those wonderful buildings reminds me that I said that I was going to do something similar this summer - running out of time again!

  5. Busy as always, but I do love the buildings.

  6. Nice bit of production. Excellent painting on some vintage figures and excellent buildings. Top Work!

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