Sunday, October 9, 2016

Project Z Bikers hit the Road!

Hello Fine Viewer,

A quick post to show you a few mini-things I've finished painting.   I actually used all these guys in a big Project Z game, but forgot memory stick in camera.

First up are four Old Glory bikers. 

Three more Old Glory bikers.

A small group of Warlord Games bikers on foot.

The lady on the left is a little cheeky.  I think the Warlord sculptor sculpts lovely bottoms.

2 Warlord Games survivors and another biker.  The lady on the left is wearing her favorite "Make America Great Again" hat and is always saying President Hillary is responsible for the zombies.

Here's some random bits.  Two crappy beds, two more boring barrels, and some sort of robot thing I found in our FLGS Active Imagination's bits bins.

The roads are thin sheets of wood, with a thin sheet of corrugated cardboard on top, slathered in paint and sand.

I made five pieces of road and tried hard to make it look worn.

Till next time, beloved viewer, when we'll have Rus, robots, revolting peasants, dwarves, and a German minenwerfer crew.

many hugs and kisses,


  1. From your workbench, I expect the unexpected! Did not know Old Glory made bikers.

  2. Surprisedat the Old Glory Bikers too, they do look great
    LOve the survivor/gangersYour roads have turned out really well too.

  3. Awesome painting and an excellent road. cheers

  4. What a great pos, I love the biker with the wind swept hair and of course the cheeky one! ;)

  5. Great group of Survivors. Well done. :)

  6. Very nice, they look the part for sure😀

  7. Great biker gang! The group really looks the part, nice job. The roads are excellent, they have a good beat-up highway look to them. Really well done!

  8. "At the Crossroads." A monumental Blog Zed Docudrama coming to your device soon!

  9. Amazing models and work!! :-)

  10. Fabulous job seeing that behind means I shall have to get me some of these bikers now!

  11. The texture on that road is just awesome.