Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rus Warriors, Cadian Stormtroopers, a Rhino APC, Random Minis, and a Cliff Faced Hill


It's been awhile since I posted, but I do have a few minis for you.  First up are nine Old Glory Rus Warriors with axes.

These guys mix in terrifically with Gripping Beast Rus.  I'll do comparison pics in a later post. 

Here's six old metal GW Imperial Guard storm troopers.

Here's a plastic GW Rhino APC for them to ride around in.  I must have six or seven of these now.

Here they are with the Rhino hunting barbarians.

Here's a Old Glory robot and a GW metal Rohan character.  Yes, the flag is wrong; I didn't feel like painting a bunch of white horsey lace.

Here's an Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine zombie, a Victory Force zombie, a Warlord Survivor, and an  alien I made for the Battlestations game.  You can buy Roebeast's zombies at

Today everyone was posing on this big tiered hill I built.  It is meant to sit on a table corner.  The rock faces were a mix of spackle and tree bark if you couldn't tell.
It's light on vegetation so I can add separate pieces and use it for desert, jungle, or forest terrain.

Till next time, beloved, which hopefully isn't to long.  I have three "The Men Who would be Kings" and "Pulp Alley" games to post.  There's also 50ish Warlord Prussians, OG Prussians, Rafm not-space marines, imperial guard, and more robots that are 95% done.



  1. Great looking characters and scenery. Sweet!

  2. I'm so happy that you think of us as your "beloved" :DDD

    That Rhino hunting barbarians is way cool Bacon....way cool :)


  3. Great scenery and models!!
    The alien is superb :D

  4. Отличный результат, только вот смушают шиты у русских воинов, не уверен, что они были именно такие.

  5. A little bit of everything there! I do like the look of that camo for the Rhino.

  6. Yet another very varied and interesting post, but from my pov there are a couple of'stand put'figures - the old GW robot (one I haven't seee) should really be made more available and the figures from "rsquaredcomics" look good too.

  7. An excellent post. The clear dome on the robot is very cool. Don't see that hardly never. The Rus sculpts are very nice. Those commandos are cool. Home made tentacle eye ball creature...TOPS! Awesome painting. cheers

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