Monday, February 20, 2017

Bikers, Prussians, Imperial Guard, Gondorians, and some Robots

Hello Distinguished Viewer,

I managed to take a few pics of 38 recently completed minis, before my battery died.  First up are two Old Glory bikers.

I tried to paint the DC superhero Flash emblem and a Confederate flag on their shirts.

Here are six GW Catachans.  Five of them are metal.  I realized I need to up the genetic diversity of my Catachan soldiers.

Here's an old OOP metal (plastic arm) Imperial Guardsman and what I believe is a "Navigator".

Here are four Old Glory robots.  They will joining my zombie killing robot army.

Here are six plastic GW Gondorians, based in my heretic fashion.

Here's an Uncle Mike brand deep one hybrid and an OOP metal GW dwarf beserker.

We must never forgive GW for destroying the WFB Old World and making the WFB into a space marines with crossbows skirmish game for dummies.

Here are nine Old Glory (second edition) Prussian Musketeers.

Here they marching back up the hill.

Here's three Warlord metal Prussian Landwehr.  The metals are nicer, more diverse, and slightly smaller than their plastic Landwehr.

And here's where the camera died, after taking a picture of four Warlord Landwehr running down a trail. 
Hustle up boys; it's "Taco Tuesday" at the dining facility!!!

Till next time my beloved viewer, when I'll have more random minis that didn't get their souls stolen by my evil camera and more!  There will likely be robots, Prussians, LotR, zombies, WW1 and WW2 goodness.


Love and wet Kisses, Baconfat


  1. Eclectic and well done. The robots stole my heart.

  2. You can keep those wet kisses mate.
    Great bunch of painted goodness. Groovy bikers, muscled up classic Catachans and heaps more.
    Never forgive GW for the age of Sickmar (or is it shitmar). At least we still have Mantica. cheers

  3. Lots of great painted figs!

  4. Tremendous variety and nicely done as always.

  5. Wonderful figures, love the evocative 'Landwehr running down a trail.'...

  6. A nice eclectic bunch they are too. I really like The Navigator, Deep One, Gondorians and the Catachans

  7. Marching up & down the hill, my sort of low brow comedy Mr Bacon:)

    And yes, I wholeheartedly agree about your sentiments about AOS. Don't know why they felt the need to blow up the old world to introduce a new game....stupid!

  8. great diverse selection and as always, you never disappoint. There are some real gems among that lot too, the baldy dwarf and the robots made me smile but the bikers are in a class of their own (OG really ?)

  9. A great mix of figures, not usually my bag, but I do like the 2 bikers!

  10. That's a cracking mix of stuff.