Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Season's Plagiaristic Greetings"

As my oldest (lazy) boy slept in and did not take out the garbage this morning.  A long time ago I bought a a replica Helmet.  It was listed for about $50 and, but it had a fracture and I bought for less than half. . Anyway, I had to try it on.

An imperfect fit! Okay, this is a posed shot; but the Old Glory figure has a similar helmet on too!

Actually this is not a real post, but a tribute to a funny post off my favorite blog,

Again, Happy Holidays and hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Hey, James - you outdid me with the Mr. Roger's T-shirt! :)! Looks like Spanish Morion? Dean

  2. It's actually a cabasset, but I'm posing with a morion.

  3. I mean a miniature I'm posing with is wearing a morion.

    I'm also wearing a little bird terd, if you look on my left shoulder you can see it. I picked it up playing with one of my birds this morning and walked around all day with poop on me.