Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black Powder, WAB, a Bridge, and some PPPPP (Plastic Perry Prussian Painting Progress)

Hello Baconfatblog aficionados,

Yesterday I participated in a couple games with some of wargames club at the friendly local game shop, Game Matrix.

First was a simple pitched battle using Black Powder.  French vs. Prussian, no objective, 2 brigades each, but on a rather wide table, 8'x8'.

French:  Hussars, Dragoons, 3 regular infantry, 1 large infantry, 2 12 pdr batteries.
Prussians:  2 Cuirassiers, 3 regular infantry, 1 regular landwehr, 1 small Jaeger, 1 6 pdr battery

Prussians go first, the roll great command rolls and  run across the table to crush the bootlickers of the despot Bonaparte.  Second turn they blunder all over themselves, one brigade provides the skirmishers an attack column screen.

Luckily the French have decided to basically sit around and ignore their orders for several turns.

We had to quit due to time, but it was a stalemate with both sides standing still pretty much shooting the hell out of each other.  The French had a few units destroyed and almost every unit on the table was shaken or nearly so.

The highlight of my day was a battle versus the current leader in our Dark Ages WAB campaign.  

Dean's Thematic Byzantine Army with only four elite units has been slaughtering his opponents so often that his general earned a 10 percent point allotment for every battle.

My plan was to kill his general at all cost.  

Thematic (left):  2200 pts, 2 elite cavalry, 2 combined bow/dart throwing/shieldwall supermen infantry
Justinian (right):  2K pts, Bucellari, cavalry, 2 dart throwing shieldwalls, five skirmisher units.

I charged the heavy cav with the Thematic general with my two cav units.  

My Bucellari take 70 percent casualties, but passed their break test.  My regular cav win their combat, force the general's unit to take a break, he fails, runs off the table.  I pursue and run off the table as well.  The general is dead.

Thematic cavalry about to charge into a little shieldwall unit and be destroyed.  20 crap foot soldiers shouldn't be able to defeat 12 heavy cavalry

My cavalry eventually returned and missile fire whittled  the two remaining infantry units to easily manageable numbers and the game was called.

Here's a prepainted bridge I found a the local craft store Michaels.  With a 40% off coupon it only cost $5.

Here's a look at my messy painting table.  I've been making a dent in my lead/plastic piles.  In the cue are Prussian Lutzow's Freikorp infantry, 2 units of landwehr cavalry, some French Dragoons, medieval crossbowmen, and some random bits of fantasy/sci-fi/WW1.

Perry plastic Prussian fusiliers about to get their bases painted and flocked.

Thanks for looking.

love, Baconfat


  1. Nice report of our games, James. You thoroughly destroyed my Thematic army - general included. Your Prussians are coming along very nicely - where's your command stands? That bridge is a fantastic score - I need to check my local Michaels out too now. Dean

  2. Dean, the bridges are in those bins where they keep the extremely overpriced painted plastic dinosaurs and animals. It was part of a ACW set.

  3. I have a painting table that looks like that!!

    Good result in the WAB battle!

  4. Love the pictures of the painting table, it is good to know I'm not the only one that mangoes to liberally cover the place in paint!