Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bombed Out City Beginnings and Random Painting Progress


I've started work on a stupid big bombed out city table for modern skirmish, zombie, sci-fi, and post apocalyptic games.  This first piece is going to be a 9 level office building.  Theres alot of work left, but the skeleton is almost done.
a 1:43 scale car for size comparison, ignore the unpainted lead in the background



Interior shot, I made the levels taller than a normal office building would be to allow room for human hands the room needed to shuffle around toy army men.


Heres's a small shot of the front, I'll need to add window pieces.

Here's a shot of the back showing some of the remaining floors.  I couldn't resist putting little men on it.

I've also been painting a little.  First are a Perry Miniatures French 12 pound artillery crew.  They are standing in front of the gun, to hide my shame that I haven't finished the gun.  You'll notice the Prussian Blue is shiney looking, my matte simply doesn't remove the gloss off of blue.

Next is a random shmattering of miniatures.  I keep piles of loose minis around when painting large batches of minis to absorb leftover paint.  Left to right:  GW Griffin crew, old plastic space marine scout, RAFM copper from thier Cthulhu line, Foundry? Old Guard, two ugly Old Glory WW1 late war British, and a GW wizard.

Here's a pack of brown minis.  I spilt some Vallejo English Uniform and these guys took it up.  Left to right:  GW Bretonian fanatics (only  GW would think it's a good idea to go into battle with paper strapped to your face?), two Old Glory Vampire hunting priests, and a GW LoTR hobbit archer.


Here's a Herroclix Dr Xaxier painted to look like a zombie in a wheelchair.  On the ground is one of Spiderman's Amazing Friends (Starfire?) painted to look like a beheaded naked lady.  The Naga that still needs washing and highlighting is a Warlord Games Dacian head glued on a green stuff doodie.

Lastly are some wet looking Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers that I have finally based.  They photograph glossy, but aren't that bad looking in person.  Maybe I'm lieing to myself as I'm too lazy to risk frosting with more coats of matte spray.


  1. Some great looking mini's and I am seriously in awe at that 9 storey building you started!

  2. That is one massive building!!! Great work :-D

  3. Woau, Its brutal.
    great idea to make modern buildings for Resident evil and zombie apocaliptic games!
    I really interesting on this theme. I like to see the doors,windows and the details of this Matter. Inform me friend.

  4. James:

    Amazing collection of work! From the huge high rise to the clerics to the fantastic looking guy in the wheelchair. Just amazing. Hope to you see back here in WA State soon. Best, Dean

  5. The building is FAB. Can't wait to see it finished. Couragous to do a building that large. Fantastic.

  6. Some amazing work on show here, love the massive building and conversions.