Sunday, February 3, 2013

Victrix Lutzow Free Corps Jagers and a Three Wolf Moon


I've finished a Prussian unit, Lutzow's Free Corps Jagers.  The models are actually Victrix plastic Austrian Landwehr (1808-1815) models, but they were close enough.  

The Jagers were allowed to wear their gray Tyrolean national uniforms, probably because nobody wanted to pay for a switch.  I picked them for the change of color, wanting a change from Prussian blue.   I am ready to paint blue again.

"Minwax dip burns my unpainted eyes"

Why are jager models in the marching pose?  Because the Victrix boxes come with 56 models, and I'll do action poses some other day.

Here's most of my Prussians; I'm going to have to buy more soon.
When all your lead is painted you die

Lastly I crudely tried to paint a "Three Wolf Moon" t-shirt on a Victory Force zombie.  The model isn't done yet, but it makes me giggle and wanted to share.

The Alpha Male Zombie strikes fear in the hearts of men and is irresistible to women
Hopefully the magical healing powers associated Three Wolf Moon shirts will cure his deadness.


  1. Nice work on the Jagers, I struggle to paint vast quantity's of the same uniform so know how it feels its good to get a break and paint something different refresh's the brain somewhat.

    Nice WIP on the zed :D

  2. James:

    Nice looking unit - they'll look good amongst their blue coated comrades. That hat is pretty cool looking isn't it. Sort of a shako with a huge brim. Your Prussian army looks pretty huge - so, you must've taken them with you? Best, Dean

  3. Very impressive looking unit!

  4. Wonderful Jägers, I really like them, a great work!

  5. Good looking unit and it's nice to know that even in this day when you can more or less get any figure in any scale for any period there are those who will use one figure to represent another.
    Love the zombie, overall I thought the VF z's to be very samey, but he's a cracking figure.