Saturday, July 27, 2013

Empire Outriders


I finished painting up a small unit of Empire Outriders.  They're the older metal out of production models from 1992.  Citadel only made these two poses, so a larger unit would look silly.  Not that those ridiculous guns aren't silly enough.  You may notice that most of them are missing their horse tails.  Due to my packing guy's extremely poor packing skills those poorly designed plastic horse tails have been broken off and lost in my bits box of doom.

And a few other minis, an old Ral Partha? dwarf with harquebus, two old wizards from the early 90's (I now have a bakers dozen in my Empire horde), a Talisman assassin from 1987, and a Great War late war German rifleman.

The wizard in the middle has found a mouse terd in his bowl of Cheerios!

Till next time, when I hope to have more heavy metal coated in colorful toxic chemicals.

love, Baconfat


  1. They've obviously been chased by your dragons and had there tails singed off! Nice job I much prefer the old Empire stuff if i'm honest.

  2. Very nice work all around, James. You certainly can combine quality with quantity. Too bad the barding makes the Outriders lose the Fast cav benefits. That German looks huge! Best, Dean

  3. Lovely job, I hadn't noticed the horses' tails until I read the write up - too busy admiring those splendid hand cannons!

  4. I was eating Cheerios when I read this ! What are the chances ?!?!