Saturday, August 17, 2013

Early & Late War Germans, a Mummy, and some Manlets

Hello Fine Viewer,

More exciting WW1 miniatures for your viewing pleasure.

First are some Brigade Games early WW1 Germans.   They are from the BG-WIWG20 and 21 packs, Germans in greatcoats/Picklehaubs Advancing I and II.    Each pack is only $16 and you get eight easy to paint models.

They look very 40Kish admist all the rubble.

Next are some late war Brigade Games Germans.  One up front has a Bergmann SMG and the one in the back is lugging around a heavy MG08/15.

Here's a Mummy, from Reaper miniatures.  He's labeled Sethris of Adiri and sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.  

He's running from a little beetle.

A few months ago I tried sculpting furniture out of balsa wood, but recently tried Sculpey Clay.  I like the Sculpey much better, except for having to bake it for 20 minutes to make it hard.  Here's a few pieces; I would have shown you more but the rest are primed white and the photo didn't come out.  They're good enough for inclusion in rubble piles.

Some manlets for archers to hide behind.  The paint job is pretty bad, but good enough for pieces that won't be used very often or at all.  I horde siege equipment to the point that I don't think anyone has a model castle big enough to handle it all.

Next time, more Germans (only about 40 left to paint) and some old Grenadier Call of Cthulhu 6501 Adventurers.

love Baconfat


  1. Very nice job buddy, Liking the furniture very well done.

  2. Amazing work as always, James. Your sculpting really is top-notch. I like those Early-War Germans in trenchcoats too. Dean

  3. Really like the WW1 stuff. Beautiful!

  4. Great looking minis, a fantastic the mommie!

  5. Great collection of "projects".
    I think I prefer the late war Germans, to the Pickelhaubers thoug.
    The mummy is stunning but looks huge, because of the detail, even though I know its not!
    Your furniture looks excellent and deserved of a better fate than the rubbish heap imo, I've tried and failed at using Sculpey-type stuff (FIMO), so I've nothing but admiration for your great efforts.
    I love the idea of seiges and your mantlets fit the bill admirably, tour next project should be making somewhere to use them against (even just a stretch of wall ?)

  6. Love the furniture. Great job.