Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late War Germans, Rubble Junk, Cthulhu Adventurers, Mr. Green, and a Pinch of Citadel Fantasy

    Hello Distinguished Internet Viewer,

I've sloppily slapped together a bunch of a miniature goodness and took pictures.  As always everything  I paint looks shiney thanks to my stupid camera.

First up more boring late war Germans with machine guns.  Thank God there's only 24 rifleman and 4 heavy weapons teams left after these.

Germans carrying various ammo cans/drums.  I like to pretend they're lunch boxes.

Germans with rifles.

I've played Strange Aeons with friends and therefore decided to paint some old Grenadier brand Cthulhu adventurers.  THEY ARE NOT SHINEY IN REAL LIFE.    The second from the right, is maybe a Ral Partha Shadowrun model, the short trench coat with leggings and straps around the forearms are ridiculous.  Last is a Grenadier Innsmouth resident I believe, big mouth and a lack of decent nose.
the guy on the left brought a camera to a demon fight.  I actually use the same model camera for this blog.

Here's my first attempt at making brick road bases out of Milliput.  If you get drunk and squint they look really really good.

Here's a couple old Citadel models.  I forgot to look for a date stamp on the dwarf and I think the human is from their old D&D line.

Lastly some Sculpey clay rubbish:  a battered refrigerator, some garbage bags, a couple stuffed animals, and a couch.  The couch is looks small next to the bald man with dumb looking pistol and brief case, because he's a Mr. Green from my kids' Clue board game and he's about 32 mm high.  I repainted him so they won't catch on to my thievery.
"Mr. Green in the rubbish pile with bolt pistol."

Till next time, when I hope to have more dull gray Germans and rubbish.



  1. Lovely work on the Germans. Really like the couch and fridge and toys. You would never know that was Mr Green standing there!

  2. Great looking Germans, and very nice last picture!

  3. "Oh my god! You killed Teddy! You bast...!" ;)

    Nice work with the sculpy. The brick floor looks pretty good actually

  4. Lovely work on these miniatures. I especially like the Gangsters or Cthulu Adventurers.

  5. Nice figures as always, the basing looks good too. Best, Dean

  6. Nice miniatures BF Really like the sculpted scenery very well done.

  7. I like your "boring" Germans !
    The Grenadier figures have turned out very good too, despite their age and I'm really impressed with your scenery too.

    When was the Reverend Green defrocked ?