Sunday, December 1, 2013

Warzone Miniatures and a Black Friday Bug Hunt


Not much painting to show you today, just a few Target Games Warzone Capital models.  I've painted them up to look like Cobra soldiers from the GI Joe comics.  The boonie hats are green stuff.

Some of these Cobra models were provided their very first opportunity to die for me, their new Commander.

Every Black Friday, some of the local gamers put on an annual Starship troopers game.  Every player brings one squad of troopers (10 ground pounders, 5 jump troops, or 3 heavy mech things) and a goal to survive.

table from green skin side, before many models placed

This year about 18 players crash landed on a Greenskin (40K ork) planet during a bug infestation.  The soldiers must make it from crash site to a nearby Greenskin settlement, take it over, and await pick up.  Oh, and they are completely surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of bugs.

Tragically the Corellian freighter pilot and hairy alien copilot died in the crash.  For an unknown reason,  a Gungan alien was allowed to hold the wheel for just a moment.  "Wesa goina crash!"

bugs and greenskins pouring out of everywhere to surround the hapless troopers.

a very blurry pic of the few survivors, the camera man was the first to die
Till next time, when there'll be more random minis.



  1. That's a really cool habit! Nice to see old Starship trooper bugs back to life

  2. Sounds like you had fun, James. Cool looking Cobra soldiers too.