Sunday, January 19, 2014

Egyptian Marine Slingers and American Paratroopers for FoW


I've got two small units done.  First a group of of Egyptian Marine Slingers.  The manufacturer of these minis is quite unknown to me, having bought and unpackaged them probably 15-20 years ago.  I wish I knew who made them.

The slings are their only weapon, they don't even have a club tucked into their skirts.

The models are quite beefy.  I don't believe the Egyptians had big shield bosses and the hat things they wear seem to be sculpted wrong. I also think I painted their hat things wrong.    Perhaps, I'll be able to use them for Osprey's "Of Gods and Mortals" game some of the local gamers sound interested in.

Next are the first 15mm troops I've ever painted,  Flames of War American Airborne troops.  They're from the "Open Fire" box set, of in which you get nine of these little US infantry stands.

I forgot to put some matte on them and they're very glossy looking

I've recently acquired an airbrush, so I've been experimenting with spray painting models instead of painting the troops waiting patiently in line for their turn.   Airbrushes make painting tanks fast!  So you'll be seeing old Games Workshop tanks with fresh paint in the near future.

base colors done in less than 1 hour, awaiting details and washes

Till next time when I when I hope to have a pack of long out of print Citadel wizards finished, and maybe some more FoW infantry.



  1. The first two pics are amazing, absolutly amazing, I love your Egyptian army...beautiful work, and photo!

  2. The Egyptian marines look great. I could tell you if they're historically accurate or not but who cares they looks the part! Nice work on the 15mm front its an interesting scaleto paint at first but once you get the hang of it. Its nice and easy to do.

    Shall look forward to seeing what tanks make an appearance.

  3. Both the Egyptian's and Para's look great. Looking forward to seeing the Wizards.

  4. Nice work on the Egyptians. It's a shame you can't remember what made these are.
    The paras are spot on also. Though I recommend you to put some matt varnish on ;-)

  5. Amazing work as always, James. The Egyptians may be Black Tree Designs; possibly. Best, Dean

    1. The Egyptians are indeed Black Tree Design, thanks Dean.

  6. The Egyptians look great, the paratroopers look good too.

  7. I doubt you could get two forces further apart in history, great additions to you ancients and a good start to the 15mm modern forces.

  8. Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Property for sale in Sharm el sheikh

  9. In search of inspiration for my upcoming Egyptian project... so happy to have found your miniatures! Excellent job :D