Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prussian & French Howitzers, Raid on Bennington!

Hello Dearest Internet Viewer of Brilliant Perception,

I have been preparing for the 5th Analogue Painting Challenge and have been assembling hordes of plastic minis.  Despite having accidentally cut off several fingers and super-gluing the remainder completely together, I've managed to complete a few models for your viewing pleasure.

This is a Perry Prussian 7" Howitzer.  The models were designed to be posed with the piece, so my separate basing technique was not the best choice.

Here's another Prussian 7" Howitzer.  The Perry Brothers produce two different Prussian Howitzer crews, so I had to have both.
 Here's all the guys lined up.

Here's a French Howitzer, I think it's a 5.5" model, but I honestly can't remember what I bought.
 Here's all my French artillery models.
 I actually have more, but they're ancient models.  You can see they don't look quite right next to the modern Perry sculpt.

I lined up what I think is all my Prussian guns.  Eight should be enough for small scale skirmish gaming.  Though I need a Prussian twelve pounder for the group.

Whoops, completed one last model.  I keep spare troops on the table to soak up spilled paint.  This guy who used up a Vallejo volcano of Gunmetal, is an late medieval Old Glory Black Army Armored Infantry (DIF-16) model.

Now on to the action!   The Raid of Bennington!  The rules are the both fun and free ""Sons of Liberty".   The master of ceremonies was the terrific gamer Dave, the man who owns more trees than the rest of us put together.

The British forces lacked actual British and consisted of filthy loyalists, greasy Canadians, dimwitted Brunswickers, and a small group of godless Mohawk warriors.
The valiant Americans consisted of mostly brave militia, a few stalwart Continentals, and a small group of heroic native Americans.

The table was mostly forest (heavy and light), rough hills, a river, some hardened cabins, a mill, and a large redoubt filled to the brim with cowardly Brunswickers.

Here's a close up of the foul nest of evil Brunswickers.

Here's the cabins and a small rat pack of nicely painted loyalist scum.  Why did the villains leave them out "alone" as sacrificial lambs?

Recon over, we march to do God's work and clear the country side of evil.
 We advance all over the place.  Those dirty loyalists are starting to shake in their foul boots as we bravely march forward.

 Oh goody, look how well we advance.  They villains should surrender now, the day shall surely be ours.

We continue in proud columns towards the cabin, where we will swing around and surround the viper pit of a redoubt.  Just look at the puny loyalist panic and get stuck on their silly bridge, due to terrible movement.

Our march is like a victory parade.

Everything turns to poop.  The cabins reek of bacon, Canadian Bacon!  They're full of Canadians!  We charge all the hardened cabins and fail to take them, take heavy casualties, and a fourth of our valiant army falls back.

Well, half the force decides well take the redoubt by ourselves, while the other half is mired by the cabins.

It doesn't go well, militia is terrible at taking redoubts.  Then some Mohawk Indians show up and frighten off one of my units, completely off the table.  At least my proud Indian warriors convince some gunners to evade their cannon.  (PS, the only rule I dislike in Sons of Liberty is how easily gunners can shoot and evade.  You can't catch and kill the bastards without cavalry).  We should have waited on the redoubt to our fellows wipe out the Canadians and advance together.

Oh terrific, the gates of hell have opened and spit out more satan spawned Brunswickers.  See the beasts crossing the stream.  On top there's artillery showing up on the road.

Well almost everyone on the table is focused on the redoubt now.  Our regulars are trapped between the redoubt and reinforcements.

See the good hearted green jackets charge into the bees nest and wreak Godly inspired confusion.

Everyone charges in a last ditch effort.  We forgot how bad we are at charging redoubts.

The charge fails and we decide it's time to call it a day.  Perhaps we'll redeem ourselves at Freeman's Farm.

Till next time, I'll have some space marines and a couple French Nappies.



  1. Those damnable Canadians and their fortified bacon stuff cabins what's a Son to do? Lovely looking game sorry fro your loss.

  2. Nice artillery dude!
    We can learn more from a loss than a win.

  3. Huzzah for England and King George!

    Lovely looking tabletop and I like your artillery is nice, too. Can you make a sabot-style base to insert guns and crew to make them more integrated?

    Anyhow, I hope you get your fingers unstuck by the time the Analogue Painting Challenge starts! See you there!

    1. LOL, I think the sabot idea is a good plan. I will definitely do it, starting March 20. When the painting challenge is over. I have little time left to assemble and prime 750 points.

  4. Fine cannon batteries
    Lots of Prussian Blue

  5. Great additions to your nappies (ahem).
    The aar was a very enjoyable read too, but I may have denoted a tad of bias towards the rebels.

    1. Thank you Zabadak.

      My loyalties change as fast as the die rolls to determine who plays on which side of the table.

  6. Good looking artillery and I loved your one-sided battle report. Excellent!

  7. Very nicely painted minis, I particularly liked the Old Glory DIF-16 - now on my "to buy" list! Thanks for sharing!