Saturday, November 15, 2014

Riders of Rohan, Perry Plastic Archers, a Mechwarrior Repaint, and Used Terrain

Hello Fine Internet Connoisseur,

Today I've finished painting some GW LoTR plastic Riders of Rohan.  I actually started painting a dozen, but somehow one escaped during the painting process.  

They're posing near a piece of extruded foam terrain that I picked up used and am curious who made it.
 Here they are running away.
 A close up, I dropped the standard bearer guy and bent his spear tip.  I tried bending it back into shape and broke it off; so now its held on with far too much superglue.

I painted five Perry plastic archers from English box set.  I really don't like painting the studded armor.  It's incredibly difficult to paint thirty little studs without slapping metal paint all over the cloth beneath.

I also repainted a Mech Warrior model to be used not as a behemoth, but as a robot for 28mm games.   He's painted quickly 
bows are of no use against my mighty warbot of many guns.

He was also a victim of a fall; my primary suspect is a black cat, who haunts my hobby table and drinks my paint water.  See the little blue Fosters beer can shaped blue thing at the top of his left gun arm; when I found him on the floor the white one on his right arm was missing.  I wasted approximately 27 hours searching for the missing piece.

Till next time, most beloved viewer, when I hope to have some French and Prussian Napoleonic mortar teams completed.  There may also be some red space marines for my stupid plan to paint one model from every space marine chapter.



  1. Falling figures eh? We've all suffered from it at one time or another I guess (I know I have and still can't find the cop's shotgun !). Everything though is repairable, given enough glue.
    I do like the mech's colouring and even for 28mm he's a very imposing model.

  2. Another eclectic mix on your painting table. Your standard bearers pole looks good to me. In battle, you expect some damage, right?

    Looking forward to more Napoleonics.

  3. Lovely job dude!
    Nice selection of figures too.

  4. A lot of excellent work !!
    I like the Rohirrim !
    (but I've never really like the GW horses... your painting work deserves them perfectly!)

  5. Very cool as always, James. BTW, I had the same trouble with the studs on the Perry archers - what I did was dry-brush the studs with silver - then gave the area a stain/wash and it seemed to settle in the lower areas beneath the studs. Oh well, I'm the guy who uses Minwax stain ;)!

  6. Great minis (love the Rohirim) and photos, fantastic picture with the archers...

  7. Bows and warbots, what a wonderful image, love the riders too - great work Sir.

  8. Great work on all those minis. Kudos. :)

  9. Some productive painting there. Great stuff! My cat drinks water from the paint cleaning cup as well. Go figure? 27 hour search and rescue op...that's a long one.

  10. Nice modeling: figures and bases are very well done. And the Mecha with the archer just got my imagination for scenario possibilities shifted into overdrive.

  11. Those Rohan Riders look fantastic!!