Monday, January 19, 2015

Perry Plastic Frenchmen and a Glowing One


I finished a total of 21 minis.  The first nineteen are Perry Plastic French Infantry.  I think the purple pom poms on the right might be too dark.

Here they are looking at the woods.

One guy is missing a backpack.
Speaking of backpacks, I wish there were a few less backpacks with spare shoes tied on the back.  When the French retreat, my ill-shod Prussian Landwehr run off the table after them. Unless you're playing Regiment of Foote, having your troops run off the table is usually a bad thing.

Because I have hundreds of these French to paint, I am doing them in batches of three or less poses.

Here's a side shot, with the painful eyesore missing backpack.  I have no backpacks to spare; one poor soldier will forever be woefully unprepared to make camp.

To end on a dull note, the last two minis aren't that exciting.  The first is an Old Glory British Rocket crewman.  Years ago, an Old Glory British Rocket pack order came with an extra mini and he was never painted.

The abysmal looking green thing is a mini from the old Doom boardgame.  I wanted him to look like he was one of those radioactive ghouls, called glowing ones, from the Fallout video games.

If you squint or the photo is blurry, he sort of looks glowy.

Till next time, when I hope to have a few Prussians done.  

Love and Kisses,


  1. Cracking French troops there, although my lack of knowledge on such things prevents me on passing comment on the colour of your pom poms! ;)

  2. Great job on the French troops...and great photos!

  3. Lovely job Bf! There is always one who forgets his stuff. Your right he is sort of glowy.

  4. Very nice and realistic, I like the variety in the coats colours. Cheers!

  5. Nice work on the French column.

  6. Your French are excellent, but surely someone could spare you a backpack (and those shoe-ones would get my goat too).
    I always figurees the Fallout glowing ones were more yellowy, but yours does look the part.

  7. Lovely looking French unit!

  8. Nice work on these Frenchmen, James. The greatcoats and take the staining well.