Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rob Lowe Survivors


I've painted a few more Wargames Factory male Survivor up as a Rob Lowe zombie hunting team.  

Here's the current crew standing in a line.

"I'm Rob Lowe and I have Direct TV."  I stole fancy paper from my wife's crapbooking supplies in an attempt make a red carpet.

"I'm Super Creepy Rob Lowe and I have cable TV.  My cable's out so I'm down at the Rec Center killing zombies."

"I'm Far Less Attractive Rob Lowe.  With cable you get pictures and some sound of me killing zombies."

"I'm Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe and I can't go pee with zombies in the room."

"I'm Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe.  I have arm hair curtains.  And I don't like that."  Once again, that's my old lady's hair on his arms.  I painted it brown.

"I'm Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe.  I guess I'm not having any mayonnaise."  I made the little tennis balls out of Sculpy clay.

"I'm Meat Head Rob Lowe and I can't stop saying "Bro", bro!"  He's got GW imperial guard arms.

Here's a bunch of Rob Lowes fighting zombies.

These guys were a quick poorly done job; I hope to add Paranoid, Peaked in High School, or Bad Decision Making Rob Lowes in the future.

I've been spending most of my time trying to teach my new grafted-on set of arms to paint.

Love and Kisses,


  1. Great post, loved the whole thing; form your descirptions to the figures themselves and I'm a bit surprised that the GW arms look so good on the WF mini and FLARL has to be my all time favourite as he reminds me of someone I know !

  2. Wicked post dude! Some great ideas, why Rob Lowe in particular?
    The bases look good my man, better than mine.
    That comb-over cracks me up, though hairy arms is a little disturbing.

    1. Bob, there's a long running series of satellite television commercials starring Rob Lowe. Handsome normal Rob Lowe has Direct TV. Each new commercial brings out a new mentally deranged version of Rob Lowe is obviously quite stupid and has Comcast cable television.

      The droll clones are like film Multiplicity on steroids.

  3. Bro! That was a wicked funny post. Meathead RL and Super Creepy RL are among my favorites (and I will admit even the TV ads I find them pretty funny) and I think this is a great way to present a group of survivors!

    Well done bro! :)

  4. It has been a while since I've heard of Rob Low, but this was certainly 'something else' :-). Hilarious post.

  5. Nice to see that you are painting survivors.... ;)

  6. Great looking characters, tennisman is my favourite, and I love what you've done with the bases...unusual and funny post, great job!

  7. This is flipping amazing! I've only seen the Creepy Rob Lowe commercial but this is the survivor band to die for. By the way how are the extra arms working out?

  8. Oh no! The zombiepocalypse is on us and Rob Lowe has gone and cloned himself! Could the two be connected? I think we have a right to know!

    Lovely stuff mate :)

  9. Very funny idea. Well done!

  10. Amazing conversions, James! Love that hairy armed Lowe. I might've missed him, or miss-ID'd him, but isn't there one with a ponytail - the paranoid one? :)

  11. This really tickled me, fabulous fun.

  12. The captions had me laughing, well done on painting and converting!!!