Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fireforge Tuetonic Sergeants, Random Minis, and Pike and Shot and Zombie Massacre!

Hello Dear Distinguished Viewer,

Before an exciting game of Pike and Shot and Zombie, I have a few finished minis for your viewing please.  First up are 16 Fireforge plastic Tuetonic Sergeants.
 Only two of the shield designs are invented be, the rest were all found via Google.
 Here's two Wargames Foundry WWI German Officers and two Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals Hittite Javelin throwers.
 I try to give my models wearing very little clothing flesh tone variations to disguise the lack of model pose variation.
 A GW LotR hobbit model (no clue which one) and an old metal GW dwarf beserker found in the FLGS bits bin.

 I did not paint the Mageknight zombie, but I did paint the Reaper Invisible Man.
 All I did for the zombie was rebase him on a clay base stabbed to look like bricks.  I tried to glue a little grass in some of the cracks to make the bricks look old.
 Here's a Eldar War Walker (?) I also couldn't bring myself to repaint.  The original owner spent quite alot of time on it and I couldn't bring myself to destroy their hard work, so all I did was add texture to the base.

Now on to exciting old world zombie action captured in a series of fuzzy photos.

The game is a continuation of an exciting campaign using the Pike and Shot and Zombie rules.  The mercenary gang in search of the Hidden Valley has finally arrived.  The promised village of safety has requested the gang travel to the Hidden Valley Ranch and search it for tomes of forbidden knowledge.

You may see the estate is clearly full of walking dead enclosed by the estate walls.

After dithering about the gate for several useless turns, the team has decided to just get on with it.  I can't remember all the characters' names and will make some up.  Pepe the Giant Killer, Carl the Beer Slayer, Fritz, Kieth, and Captain Hauser are joined by Allen with his enormous halberd.

Emboldened by initial success, the team moves boldly forward.
 Distracted by all of the zombie slaying the photographer forget to record the action where Pepe and Fritz cut off from the group and put down a spawn point.
 This mission is going to be a piece of cake and who doesn't like cake?
 Zombies hate cake.  Spawn points appear on the hill.
 Another appears by the remains of the small fortress.
 The zombie horde on the hill grows, as another appears in the forest behind the team, cutting off what would be a wise escape.  Fritz and Pepe move to close it, while the rest of the gang decides how to deal with the swarm.
 The gang decides to back out for a bit.
 The spawn point is no match for the team's combined strength.
The noise has gotten the attention of some foul beast in the fortress.  The beast casts a spell on Carl the Beer Slayer, our one member who can actually use a bow;  Carl believes this hosebeast is a beautiful women; he's in love.
 The gang wades into the growing horde.  If Carl is getting married, there might be cake!

 Incredible rolling, obviously inspired by the promise of cake, the gang destroys 50 odd zombies in a turn or two.
 Nasty mean monster man summons evil demon girls with claw hands and pointy needle tails.  And another pack of zeds, which I forgot to photograph.  Fritz sharts.
 Carl breaks out of his puppy love stupor and uses his longbow like a .50 Cal Ma Duece.  The team forms a line and wipes out the demon ladies.
 All that's left is Big Ugly and his hyped up zombie pack.
 The evil ugly one jumps down and smashes into our gang.  Here the gang is working together.  Rumors of cake in the castle and competing to kill the most zombies, Kieth and Allen,  leave the team to fight the boss their selves.

Here's a picture of after the action.  Kieth has killed 31 dead all by himself.
The gang has defeated the liche type giant evil guy thing.  It was close Carl, Fritz, and Pepe were all one wound from dieing and face the potential for permanent wounds and possibly lameness.  Good news though Carl the Beer Slayer found an evil looking book, mission complete, big money reward.

Till next time when I'll have some action from the Heart of Africa and possibly some old dwarves painted.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. The handpainted shields are brilliant. I really like these models.

  2. As always a great range of lovely painted models Bf.
    I must admit to really liking the Pike & Shotte & Zombie reports you've been putting out, great stuff dude.

  3. I love those sergeants. How long did you take to paint them? I have about 100+ Fireforge teutonic and men at arms to be painted for Kings of War.

  4. Nice work all around, especially on the Fireforge stuff. :)

  5. Very good work there and a great game....nice ruined tower...any idea who that is by?

  6. I just love the posts, the hand painted shields alone are stunning! The zombie game certainly had me chuckling, it looked like serious fun.

  7. I't like having 5 posts all at once ! All of which requires much scrolling up and down, but here goes:
    Men at arms types - well done on the shield, it's quite possible that that sort of thing has always put me of medievals. The Hittittes look usable for many ancient armies, (but I'm no expert, so don't quote me) whilst the Jerry officers would make good substitutes for cops in a few instances.
    Great painting on the short-arse and Hagar the hprrible wannabe, great fgures with plenty of character, but I can't say I'm a fan of the reaper zombie - couldn't see the invisible man, so can't possibly comment on how good he looks.
    What a bonus of a fun aar on your zombie game too, I did find myseld chuckling throughout.

  8. Lovely stuff! That War Walker is pure class =) That takes me right back that does...

    Ps the terrain for the Pike/Shot/Zombie game is fab, do you make it all?

    1. No, I didn't Ace, it's a mix of some of the gang's terrain. I agree it is fab.

  9. Its always nice to see a good mix of Lovely painted minis on your blog!

  10. Great looking minis here, love the sergeants!