Sunday, December 22, 2013

28mm Khurasan Federal Army Miniatures and some Furniture


     Today,  I'm pleased to post for your viewing pleasure some of Khurasan's new line of 28mm sci-fi troops.  Khurasan has produced three pack of these Federal Army troops.  In the picture you'll see two of the three packs, the regular troops and heavy weapons.  The other pack, which I did not buy, is some  machine gunners.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but there is four different shades of green on the models.  From a distance the colors blend making the models look drab and boring.

You can see how the match up with other miniature lines, left to right:  Khurasan, Warzone (plastic), Khurasan, GW (plastic).    The Federal troopers are slighter, but yet taller than space marines.  They are sculpted in a far more realistic way than most popular sci-fi models.  If they were shorter they would make great Imperial Guard as they would make marines look bigger and tougher.

Here's some homemade post apocalyptic furniture for terrain pieces I'm working on.  They be dirtied up as they find their places in rubble heaps or hovels.

Next time I'll have miniatures I painted for the NOT Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge.  There's some Wargames Factory WW2 models, Perry mercenary hand gunners, and three little pigs on the way.

Merry Christmas,


  1. Very nice. I must admit I do like the 15mm versions my self.

  2. I do like the Sci-fi troopers and are what I'd envisage futuristic troops to look like.
    Your furniture is looking good too, but what's it made from ?

    1. Zabadak, It's a clay that you bake in the oven to harden. The brand name here is either Sculpy or Sculpty. I actually force the children to make my furniture.

    2. Thanks for the info, it's as I suspected - IN the uK the closest we've got is probably FIMO.
      I don't know if I approve of the child-labour scam, but I'm sure it's educational (and a cracking idea)

    3. Zabadak,

      email me an address and I'll you a small pack. Baconfat followed by

  3. Nice figs - but your scratch-built terrain is always very impressive! BTW, I think Khurusan makes some very intereting 15mm Early-Japanese - pre-Samurai stuff. Wish they'd make them in 28mm. Best, Dean