Sunday, August 3, 2014

Perry Prussian Reservists, Bugundian Bowmen, Space Marines, and a Bag of Dog Food


I've recently finished painting some more models.

First are some Prussian Reservists, metal Perry models.  They were a breeze to paint until I sprayed them with a clear coat to protect their paint.  The clear coat completely frosted most of the models including the command group.  They looked like they had just stepped out of the freezer or froze to death in the disastrous Russian front.  I won't bash the company, but their initials are GW.

Here they are after I've repainted over most of the frost.

Ugly side shot.  Some frost is still visible.

Here they are walking over to investigate the odd terrain.

Here are some Perry plastic archers, painted to look like Burgundians.  Please don't notice that I've got some of them holding their arrows on the wrong side of the bow.  Definitely ignore the fact, that I completely forgot to give most of them more than one arrow.  They're posing in front of my castle; I got it cheap; fixer uper, hopefully I can turn it around for quick cash.

Here they are preparing to shoot their limited ammo at something you can't see on the other side of the aquarium terrain.  As a fun idea I took most of these photos inside of a giant fish tank.

Here are four more marines in my quest to paint every space marine chapter.  Eight down, 992 left?  I'm starting with the easiest chapters first, but now I'm bored of blue and will be moving on to reds and greens.

The chapters are Imperial Paladins, Star Dragons (silly name), Heralds of Ultramar, and Emperor's Hands.

And as promised a bag of dog food.

Almost finished another 2' x 2' piece of urban rubble terrain.

Till next time, when I might have some French nappy lancers, more space marine chapters, or possibly something completely different!



  1. Been very busy. Like the Prussians. Nice work with the Space Marines. I had exactly the same thing happen with my spray varnish from the very same company recently. Brand new can, never had the problem before.

  2. Well, I didn't see any clear coat frosting in the photo but it certainly "frosts" me when it happens. I have had good luck waiting for the frosted clear coat to cure, spraying with clear gloss, waiting for that to cure, and then finally spraying with Dullcote.

    Your problem is less severe than dullcoting with a can of white! I won't mention details...

    Good luck to you!

  3. Great work as always, James. As Jonathan says, you can spray the frost with gloss clearcoat and it should get rid of the frosting. Then you can Dullcote it again. Love the Space Marines and Burgundians too. Your modeling of the dog food bag is fantastic.

  4. The Bacon must be really sizzling over there all those lovely painted models and a 2x2 terrain board too!

  5. All good stuff, your output still amazes me with its diversity.

  6. I really like the Prussian reservists, very beautiful.
    However, the other figures are really well painted.

  7. Lovely paintwork dude! The dog food is great, what's it for? (Don't say to feed a mini dog!).

  8. "Here are four more marines in my quest to paint every space marine chapter."

    You're crazy. I love it!

  9. Excellent paint job, love the archers and the Prussians especially....