Sunday, September 13, 2015

WWI Germans, Mouth of Sauro, Oldhammer 40K Guardsmen, an Emperor's Spears, a Mercenary, and Oldhammer Empire Spearmen


I have posted recently, but I have finished painting a number of minis.  First up are 16 Wargames Foundry WWI early war Germans.  

 These painted up quickly because I didn't paint the piping.  I've read that piping was reserved for more elite troops.  On TMP they argue a lot about what color the uniforms were.  I'm going to believe all of them are correct and use color variations to tell units apart on the battlefield.

Here is a machine gun crew firing under the watchful eye of Mouth of Sauron.  Its a unusually static model from Mithril Miniatures.

Some people paint unit insignia on the canvas helmet covers.  That's insane.  My helmets will look the same on the front as on the back, as you can see below.
 Here are twelve plastic GW Empire spear men.  I think they are Perry brother sculpts.  I tried to paint them in a Landsknecht style.  I will be pretending they are Landsknecht with training pikes.
Did you know Games Workshop destroyed the fantasy setting of the "Old World"?  Yes, it was destroyed, sucked into some demon warp plane of non-existance.  Everyone died.  It's gone.  The few survivors live in some weird other dimension and the human armies are magic dudes in space marine armor.
Here are nine old metal GW Necromunda Cawdor gangers.  I think they have "autoguns."
 The internet says they are religious zealots.  I wish I had painted them up in monk colors.  It would have been more fitting. 
 Here are nine of the original plastic GW Imperial Guardsmen.
 Only several hundred left to paint.  I must have painted over 800 in this same stupid paint scheme of Necromunda Spiders, from the Rogue Trader book.
 Pew, pew, pew! go the Spiders fighting Cawdor gangers, "Pew, pew, pew, to you bad naughty gangers, pew, pew, pew!"

 I also found and painted four more old Rogue Trader gunners/commanders.   

 I'm up to eleven of these standing around guys; I hope I don't find more.

Lastly one more space marine, in my paint one of every chapter project.  The internet told me he's an Emperor's Spear.
Someone on the internet said Space Marines don't have genitals.  This ball-less behemoth is next to an old metal Grenadier halberdier; he'll be signing on with my Burgundian mercenary company.

Till next time, when some of the terrain, Sarmatian cavalry, Burgundian crossbows, Bretonnian crewmen, tiny robots, blah, blah, might be done. 

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  1. Excellent, eclectic mix once again, James. Those Foundry Germans are still some of the best around. Love the Empire guys too. Your event Space Marine chapter project sounds cool.

  2. Great looking figures and very humorous post! My favorites in this batch of work are the WWI Germans and the Landsknechts.

  3. Lovely work Bf! I like those Cawdor figures best.

  4. Wow. They are all superbly done! Especially the WWI Germans. Brilliant!

  5. Splendid minis, love the WW1 and the medieval ones!

  6. Nice work, like the Empire 'Landsknecht' particularly.

  7. My word you've been busy, love the machine gun team with the Mouth of Sauron, that made me do a double take!

  8. Your varied output continues to amaze and astound, love the Bosch and the mg team does look a bit sterile ( I'd put it down to them being effiecient but humourless