Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oldhammer Wizards, Flames of War Parachutists, 2 Jagdtigers, a 40K Rhino, 2 Nappy Officers, and an 11 Year Old Diorama


It's been a few weeks, so I have alot of random stuff for you.  First up are some old out of production   Citadel Wizards from the late 80's or early 90's.  Some are from their old AD&D line, designed to show character progression.

The one in the tan dress is an female illusionist.  I once painted another one of the three illusionist model set;  it was such an ugly sculpt I painted a mustache on it, thinking it was a man.  Illusion complete.
Here's what I think is a pre-slotta base Citadel Wizard with a much larger plastic wizard from either a Dungeonquest or Heroquest edition.
The white paint I use is crap.  Not real crap, just not so good.  I don't sun bake dog terds till they turn white, crush them up, add water, and brush it on models.   It only looks like I do.

I painted up more Flames of War Airborne infantry (from the Open Fire starter set).  They are much less shiny than my last batch, but I didn't do a good job on the washes.

Here are some Jagdtigers I painted for friend.  I took a picture with the phone, so you couldn't see any of the tedious detail work.

Look, now here is fairly modern 40K Rhino.  I painted it similar to the GW IG Steel Legion camoflauge pattern.  The variation is craftstore dark grey and Vallejo Dead Flesh, instead of GW rotting flesh.   The paint looks rough because I put a clear matte coat over an oil wash which only appeared to have finished drying.  The effect is similar to crackle paint.
Due to excessive GW prices, I only buy used models, the ugly rust spot was where I had to remove some moronic looking space marine emblem.  

Action shot with some Rogue Trader era beakie marines.  The may not be sculpted as well as today's marines, but I like them better.

Here are two Napoleonic Officers.  A dismounted French Hussar and what I'll be using as an officer for my British Rifles.
They look much better from far away, when you can't see the parts I forgot to paint or painted sloppily.

Most of the above pictures were taken on water mill diorama my eleven year old daughter built.  The only thing I did was supervise power tool use and heat the water beads on the oven.  And paid for all the damned trees.

Windows aren't set well and you can't see they have clear plastic panes.

I was sure she'd get an A, but her school does something called "Common Core".  No letter grades, just numbers.  She got a 3.  Every kid got the same score, even the kid that glued a Tootsie Roll to a folded up piece of orange construction and called it a canoe.

The daughter said kids can't get 1s or 2s so early in the year, otherwise they won't show improvement by the end of the year.   A Tootsie Roll canoe would have been easier; that kid is a genius.

lazy child couldn't be bothered to paint the interior mill components and grain bags she hand sculpted

She should have a been given a 4.  Look at all the stupid bubbles in her water; can you say, "a severe beating followed by several months of standing in the corner"

Till next time, when you'll be forced to see more terribly taken photos of mediocre miniatures!  Maybe some Prussian Cavalry.



  1. It all looks great especially the Rhino. You have been very busy!

  2. a lot of work !!
    you have not wasted your time!
    Excellent !

  3. Nice - and I see the artistic talent has been passed down to your daughter too. Very impressive work by her, and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future. FoW huh? Nice. Oh, and I do like that camo'd Rhino. Best, Dean

  4. The Rhino is great and it was nice to see the beakies again (I'm so said I lost mine). You daughter is well on here way to surpassing her old man give here a few years.

  5. Greatly diverse production as usual. The citadel wizards bring back many good memories, though I never had so many and the beakie marines were my favourites too back in the day.
    Your daughter has some talent there btw

  6. Wonderfully eclectic, the Rhino looks particularly effective.

  7. Excellent and unusual, very nice work!

  8. That collection of wizards is something to envy my good sir!

  9. Nice collection. Either you have the new superinferno 7000W mega daylight bulb in your lamp or you've ventured outside to photograph your figures. Is that legal?

    1. Jason, I can't figure out how to join your blog with out that circle thing.

      You can borrow my 7000W mega daylight bulb anytime you want, except for nights and rainy days. I don't like it out after dark and it can't get wet.